During the Fall semester of 2014, Jessica gave a number of presentations with a few psychology and human sexuality classes at Indiana University. Her powerful and unique presentations caught the eye of the director of the Kinsey Institute (2014-19), Dr Sue Carter. Over the next several years, Jessica and the Kinsey Institute collaborated on a number of speaking and educational events, and in 2017, Jessica was extremely privileged and was asked to be part of the Kinsey Institute as a Global Ambassador. Together they would help educate the world about the transgender and gender non-conforming communities. Since Jessica became an ambassador, she has presented approximately 400 times around the world, as part of the Kinsey Institute. Now under the current director, Dr Justin Garcia, they have also developed a number of educational and training workshops to help the medical community get a better understanding of these marginalized communities. She is also working with Dr Jessica Hille, and is part of the Kinsey Institutes online educational program.

Over these past years, Jessica has had the privilege of helping to educate tens of thousands of people about the many identities throughout the gender spectrum. She has also been working with teachers, professors, nurses, doctors, business leaders, and many others to help further the understanding of gender non-conforming communities. Jessica has collaborated with numerous experts in order to develop training and educational programs, specifically targeted at medical professionals. This past year, a number of Hospitals and Trusts with the National Health Service, England, have contracted Jessica in order to These training programs and courses are structured to educate and give a better understanding of: the history of transgender communities; social and political impacts; challenging unconscious bias; working towards non-prejudicial and anti-discriminatory practices.

Jessica also happens to be a School Role Model and donates her time to visit secondary school and college members of the Stonewall School & College Champions programme throughout the country of England. She visits schools and tells her life story to students as young as 12 years old, to help educate them about the whole LGBTQ community. Over the last year and a half, Jessica has visited over a dozen schools for Stonewall and now, she insists on staying until later in the evening, to make sure the parents and staff of these students, also have a chance to learn more.

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