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A Parallel Perspective

A child's story of growing up to be a transgender woman. A woman's story of raising a transgender child.

Two parallel perspectives of understanding gender meet at one common point: no matter the struggles or how long it takes to get there, living your truth is the only way to live.

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Internationally acclaimed speakers and activists Jessica Lynn and Debi Jackson have united to create a profound, dynamic, and unforgettable transgender educational experience. Their stories flow seamlessly into one another, each weaving in transgender vocabulary, historical facts, cultural practices, and current studies. This integration allows listeners to absorb a wealth of information in a memorable and engaging format. After sharing their personal narratives, Jessica and Debi transition into a seminar format for a deep dive into transgender issues. This deeper exploration provides the audience with a structured and detailed understanding of topics such as evolving language, microaggressions, responding to coming out moments, creating safe and inclusive spaces, and more. Attendees leave the event with a comprehensive understanding of transgender lives and practical tips on becoming active allies to the transgender community.

Meet Jessica and Debi

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