"Jessica is funny, honest, and presented her story in a way that made it memorable."
"I just wanted to let you know how amazing I think you are. You are such a powerful human being and you have really opened my mind and inspired me to be more accepting and available to others."

"Your story was so inspirational and I am so grateful I was able to hear it"

"Today's class was by far the most interesting class period I have ever had."

"Hi Jessica! You did an amazing job sharing your story and experience with our class today. I, along with a good majority of the class, was completely awake and immersed in your presentation"

"You are such an inspiration to all, and I was truly captivated by your talk"

"As a Christian, your talk has made me reinstill love, kindness, and acceptance towards everyone, no matter what."

"I loved how unfiltered you were with us and let us hear it all. You are truly a role model for all, not just transgender or lbgt persons." 

"You were such an amazing speaker and it was absolutely fascinating (not to mention heart wrenching) listening to your story"

"You have the power to inspire, educate, and spread much needed love across the nation."

"Thank you for opening my eyes to an intriguingly different perspective of this world."

" Thank you for your lessons. You have a supporter in me, and I will definitely do my part to support your cause!"

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