This is her story…


January 29, 1965 is the date that Jeffrey Alan Butterworth came into world. He was a very healthy baby boy born to his parents Sheila and Harold. So far, he had two older brothers, David and Jonathan, and an older sister, Susan. Two years after his birth, he would get another brother, Jamie. Jeffrey had a very typical family, a father who worked very hard, a stay at home mother, 3 brothers and an older sister to play with.


At a very young age, as early as he can remember something didn’t feel right with Jeffrey, he felt very, very different. He did not like to play rough and tumble games with his brothers. He would rather play with dolls, play house, and dress up with his very best friend Michelle down the street. When nobody was home he could play dress up in either his mother or sister’s clothing and makeup. He hated looking in the mirror. He hated his body; wanting so badly to be like his friend Michelle. He was very young, terribly confused, and could not yet figure out what was wrong with himself. Jeffrey would pray every morning, noon and night to God to turn him into a girl to feel correct. If God would not make him into a girl, please, please take away these horrible, awful, painful desires of truly wanting, needing to be a girl. These awful, heart wrenching, hurtful desires never left him. In fact, as he grew, they intensified. The pains got so bad, when he was about eight years old and had learned the difference between boys and girls, Jeffrey had taken a razor to his own penis. He remembers the pain of crying himself to sleep for so many years.


As he grew, Jeffrey stopped believing in God and stopped asking him to be fixed and just went on and dealt with it. He never felt anybody in the world would understand his true feelings, so he never told a soul. Never had he heard of someone wanting to be somebody of the opposite sex; it just made absolutely no sense to him, so why would he ever tell anyone. They would just think he was crazy. To get these constant nonstop thoughts out of his head, Jeffrey would focus his thoughts into other areas of interest, and if he enjoyed something he would immerse himself in it. At a young age he started collecting stamps, then butterflies, and then coins. As he grew he started to do oil painting, then photography and later soccer. Whatever Jeffrey became obsessed with, he became incredibly good at. If he enjoyed doing something and it kept his mind off his true desires, he would concentrate all his efforts into it and mastered his new but temporary joy.


At about ten or eleven his newest escape from life, was soccer. He started to focus all of his waking moments on this new obsession. While on the field, he had no time to think about wanting to be a girl. He really enjoyed soccer, and yes it was a game girls also played. Again, this became an obsession and he started playing all the time – before, during, and after school; well into the night, seven days a week. He played so much and became an incredible player, and at a young age, he started playing very competitively. He was playing on 2 or 3 different teams at same time, this kept him at the park and on the field all the time, which so far kept his mind off other things. When Jeffrey was a mere 15 years old he was asked to play with an older boys’ team. His teammates were already 17 and 18 years old. This group of boys played incredibly well together and started playing all over the state and even played a huge youth world tournament in Canada. He was starting to get a reputation for his ball playing and when he turned 16 years old, he was asked to try out for the 1984 U.S. Olympic team. He did a few try outs but decided not to pursue it any further.


A few years earlier, Jeffrey had been introduced to alcohol, he was always with older boys and beer seemed to be part of the game. Jeffrey was playing soccer, a lot, and started drinking at a young age. Alcohol became his next huge obsession. While being buzzed or drunk, he never thought of his inner most feelings. Soccer and alcohol were the tools that Jeffrey used to cope through his early teens. Soccer started to become less and less and partying started to help a bit better. He still dreamed of one day becoming the girl he truly desired to be. Still, to this day, he had never heard of someone transitioning from one sex to the other. He had absolutely no idea that it could ever be done. He still hid his dreams in other ways, and not always good ways.

Jeffrey, now 16 years old, was just doing what other kids do; still playing competitive soccer, but not so hugely obsessed with it anymore. He was drinking a bit more than his friends but kept it under control. At this age boys started to date girls, and Jeffrey needed to fit in. He didn’t particularly like girls, but there was still no way he was ready to tell a soul his dreams. He started dating and he had a few different girlfriends at this age; nothing serious. He looked at them more as friends rather than girlfriends. When Jeffrey had turned 17, he went to a friend’s party and was introduced to a young 15 year old girl. The two hit it off real well and started dating. Her name was Barbara, Barbara Lynn Eldred. She was a very pretty, quiet, and shy girl and the two were always together. He felt extremely comfortable with Barbara, and she seemed to slow down his drinking. This was the first girl that Jeffrey had ever slept with. When he was with her, it seemed he could live his dreams through her. He would buy her things that he liked, and he treated her as if he was her on a date with him.


About six to eight months into their relationship, Jeffrey felt so comfortable with Barbara that he decided to tell her his true, deepest, darkest secret that he never thought he would tell another living soul. They were lying in bed one night when he told her that he wanted to be a girl. Barbara flipped out and cried and cried and told him to go away. As one can imagine, that night Jeffrey was totally devastated. Perhaps that was the worst decision he had ever made and he also cried through the night. The next day he had not heard from her and his depression worsened. The end of that next day, the telephone rang and Barbara told Jeffrey that they needed to talk. When he arrived at her house, she wrapped her arms around him and told him she loves him and she knew absolutely nothing about the subject but they will work it out – together.


Barbara and Jeffrey seemed like they were always together, he did not play soccer that much anymore and decided that he had to do something with his life. He decided to go to school at night to learn sign painting; his next obsession. Jeffrey became so good at sign painting that the instructor of the class hired him full time and Jeffrey became an incredible sign painter. Jeffrey had finished high school without graduating, went to work for his teacher then decided to open his own sign painting shop. Jeffrey was a young go getter, and when he was almost 19 years old he landed a huge contract with a chain of lumber yards in Los Angeles. He was working a great deal and making very good money but he was always still dreaming of being a girl, and the dreams were getting harder to deal with. He had somebody he could talk to about it with, but talk wasn’t helping much anymore. He still kept his desires of being 100% female and living the life of a woman away from Barbara. She knew, and accepted some of his dreams, but he could not tell her all. Still, he kept it hidden from the world.


It was Christmas day, 1984, when Jeffrey proposed marriage to Barbara, with several of her sisters and brother in law in the room – she cried yes. Maybe being married will help take away these feelings…he truly loved Barbara. She was an incredible soul. She still accepted him and was happy when he was with her. Jeffrey’s happiness didn’t last a huge amount of time, the two went through a few ups and downs during the year of 1985, but they stayed together and began to plan their wedding. On December 5th, 1985, Jeffrey was at his parents’ house working on a sign bid when Barbara called and told him that she had gotten off work early and if he could pick her up. Jeffrey drove a Toyota 4 wheel drive pickup truck and left to get her. On the way back from her work, the two of them ran a few errands, and after stopping for lunch, started to go home.


During the early afternoon on that beautiful sunny day, just three weeks before Christmas, tragedy struck.  As the two were driving through a busy intersection in the center of San Fernando Valley, a lady (both drunk and high on numerous drugs) ran a red light at 65 mph in a ‘72 Cadillac. The two were broadsided right under Barbara’s door and rolled a couple times. They were then hit head on by an 18 wheeler big rig. The couple rolled about 5 more times, and the truck ended up upside down. The fire department evacuated the two from the vehicle and airlifted them both to a local hospital. During the flight, Jeffrey was revived several times. His neck had broken, his lower jaw destroyed and he had severe head injuries – he ended up in a coma. After a handful of days of unconsciousness and healing, Jeffrey awoke to both his parents standing over him, with tears in their eyes, telling him the worst news he could have ever even imagined.


The next time Jeffrey was able to see Barbara was while she laid peacefully in a beautiful white dress – in her coffin. Within an instant, his life went spiraling downward. Jeffrey could not handle the awful death of his very best friend, his fiancé…to him, the only person who knew of his inner most secrets. After his mouth was no longer wired shut, he started drinking and using cocaine to an excess. At the time it was the only way that he knew how to numb the pain. Jeffrey absolutely hated this period of his life and didn’t care if he lived or died. In fact, he attempted suicide several times. He still kept his secret from the world and now that Barbara was gone, he felt he was even farther away from ever accomplishing his dream.  During this time of about a year and a half, to prove to everyone he knew that he was a man, he slept with about 40 different women.


It was now June, 1987, about a year and a half after his auto accident. After a sleepless night of heavy drinking, Jeffrey and his friend took a trip up to his parents’ house in the Yosemite area. When he arrived, Jeffrey and his mom took a walk down from the house and the two of them sat on a rock and started to talk. During this very long conversation, he learned that both parents knew of his dreams of wanting to be in the body of his ‘true gender’. She told him that they had both known since he was a very young child and had even planned on transitioning him when he was about five years old. They both had taken him to a psychologist at UCLA back about 1970. The specialist they took Jeffrey to see happen to be well known in the field of transsexualism. They were told to continue raising him as a boy and to not let him explore his femininity (the idea of a cure at this time). His parents followed the direction of the “specialist” and decided not to continue with their plans of letting Jeffrey transition and grow up as a female.


To Jeffrey, this conversation was bittersweet. It felt incredible now that someone else knew about his dreams but was incredibly angry at his parents for letting him go through life, in his eyes, in absolute hell. From that moment on, Jeffrey chose never to take another sip of alcohol or drugs of any kind. He was now able to start dreaming of, and start dressing, for transitioning into his true gender, but he still didn’t know much about it. The internet wasn’t yet out and he had no idea what to do. He was starting to explore his femininity but he was still not out about his sexuality with his parents. During this period, Jeffrey fell into a deep, dark depression. He was now facing his life, the death of Barbara, and everything surrounding it – sober. He went through countless days and nights of crying; not knowing if he would make it through this dark time. This went on for about a year and a half. He would travel back and forth from L.A. to his parents debating on what to do with his life. During this time of major confusion, Jeffrey met a girl with whom he kind of got pushed into marriage. They actually got married on April fool’s day in a courthouse in downtown Los Angeles. The marriage between Jeffrey and Dawn lasted only a couple months and the two ended up divorcing. A while after the two divorced, Dawn, Jeffrey’s now ex-wife, committed suicide by hanging herself in her sister’s shower.


The internet was now starting to emerge and Jeffrey was getting closer to starting his transition into the life he only ever dreamed of living. Both he and his parents started planning for him to start living as a woman full time, and how to pay for his surgeries and the cost of transitioning. A friend of Jeffrey’s father had passed away and his mother asked Jeffrey to come remodel her home. He figured that this would be a way to put some money in his pocket to start living his dream. He moved back to the San Fernando Valley, moved in with his brother, Jonathan, and started working on the house. It turns out the project was a bit bigger than anticipated and would take a little longer. He was starting to save up some money and started purchasing items in anticipation. Jeffrey always loved clothing, shoes, jewelry, makeup, and similar items. His whole life, he always had kept some, but always hiding them from the world. His biggest dream of his life was starting to become real.


It was a couple months into the job and Jeffrey was at Homebase, a local lumber yard. While he was there one day, a girl called his name and said that she knew him through her brother and that they had some of the same friends. The girl that called out his name was named Rachel and they decided to go hangout that night. This girl really liked Jeffrey and that night the two ended up in bed together. Even though this was the very last thing that he wanted, he did enjoy being around her. A little while later, Jeffrey learned that his life was going to change forever and now he had to put his plans away of transitioning.


Rachel was about five months pregnant when the two were married. Jeffrey did not want his child to be born into this world without a father and would do his very best to give his child a very happy life. On August 18th, 1991, their son Jeffrey was born. The couple named him after is his dad and the new father adored his young child. His new wife also knew of Jeffrey’s secret dreams, and for the time she seemed accepting of it. She would actually let him dress and seemed to be accepting. She had gone shopping with him a handful of times, so in his eyes maybe this is what is meant to be. Shortly after their first son was born, Rachel had become pregnant again. This time, it was not an easy pregnancy. They did not think their new unborn child was going to make it. After a massive auto accident when Rachel was about eight months along things ended out alright, and on April 19th 1993, the couple’s second son, Bradley, was born. The now family of four had moved again, due mainly to an earthquake and father Jeffrey was back to working 7 days a week.  He needed to support his new and unexpected family. The other reason is that he was having a hugely difficult time being a man still and was aching more and more to become his natural self. Jeffrey was an awesome father who absolutely loved his two children but was probably the worst husband in the world and did not act or perform like a real man should.


During 1996, the couple split and divorced. Rachel had the two boys with her and Jeffrey had them every other day. His relationship seemed to strengthen with his children after the separation. He was an incredible father and while he was with his two boys he was now able to devote 100% of his attention towards them and not worry about their mother intervening. Being divorced also gave him an opportunity to explore his inner feminine feelings and desires. On his days without the boys, Jeffrey would now be able to dress as he dreamed and started frequenting a few local Trans nightclubs. This was the first time he was able to truly act on how he felt inside; through a much hidden life. Now, for the first time, he was starting to feel more in tune with his emotions.


This double life went on for a little while, and still nobody but his parents knew about this new way of life. They didn’t even know about him finally exploring his true sexual feelings. He decided that this was still not the time to transition and still devoted most of his time to his children. It was now Christmas time, 1998, and Jeff brought his ex and children a Christmas tree to help celebrate the holiday and ended up staying for a few days. He spent some time with his ex and ended up getting her pregnant a third time. With Rachel now pregnant, the two ended up getting back together. The now family of 5 moved back to the valley into a house that both Rachel and Jeffrey purchased together. He ended up working a huge amount more because of the need for money.


Yet again, Jeffrey was a good father, but a horrible husband. They started to not get along. Shortly after, they decided to sell their home and move up the coast to Santa Maria. They rented a house for a few months and then purchased another home together. This again, brought the couple a huge amount more stress and things only lasted a few months. Rachel decided she could not handle being in a relationship with a guy that did not perform as a typical husband should. She took the couples’ youngest son and moved back to Simi Valley to live with her mother and brother.


Jeffrey was now a single father raising his two oldest boys; one in third grade and the other in fifth. He did not believe that his children should be raised apart from each other and tried to have his children’s mother move back closer so there would not be such a distance between the boys. This was not going to happen. He ended up buying the house out from her and filed for full custody of all three children. This court battle lasted several years and cost Jeffrey approx. $65,000.00. During this battle, Rachel and her attorney demanded a full psychiatric evaluation on the family, in which she told the evaluator that she knew of Jeffrey’s secret desires before they were ever married. The custody case was finally brought before the judge in August of 2006, where the judge stated that this was one of the hardest cases he’d ever make a ruling, but in all his years on the bench, never had he seen such a good and devoted father and gave Jeffrey full custody of all three boys.


Again, Jeffrey was a single father now raising three young boys, and doing a very good job. About this time, the economy started to go bad and Jeffrey’s cabinet shop was not bringing in the money that he was used to. During this time his inner feelings were starting to arise intensively; he and his ex-wife started to talk about working something out. He ended up losing his home due to foreclosure and Jeffrey, his three boys, and his children’s mother moved to the central valley of California to a town called Tulare. Both Rachel and Jeffrey discussed about him transitioning and with some usual tension started planning for it. It was obvious the two were not together as a couple. They lived in separate bedrooms but raised the children together while Rachel went to school to become a dental hygienist. The two discussed plans for when Rachel finished her schooling and Jeffrey Jr. would graduate from high school. Rachel and the boys would move to Allen, Texas, near her sister, while Jeffrey stayed in California to begin his transition (and a new life). Rachel would constantly ask Jeffrey to sign over parental rights for their youngest child Curtis, but he refused; stating that Curtis would learn in a matter of time about his father’s transition.


Both Rachel and Jeffrey Jr. finished school, and in June of 2009 the four of them were packed up and headed to Texas. Jeffrey stayed behind to finish up some work and to begin his transition in becoming the women he dreamed to be. He went through some extremely tough times during this period away from his children, trying to finish up some jobs, and finally deciding to transition. He hadn’t slept in a number days. During this period of major confusion he swallowed a bottle of anxiety medicine and tried to end his awful pain. Someone found him and he was rushed to the hospital; barely revived. Jeffrey ended up spending ten days in a mental hospital, and during this time he was under care of a psychiatrist and he completely opened up to them. This doctor was extremely understanding and helped Jeffrey to finally come to the conclusion to go for it.

In July of 2009, Jeffrey walked out of the hospital in Visalia and moved to Santa Maria to stay with his mother and start his transition. At this time he found a new psychologist named Nancy Milico, (Santa Maria). Through her, he found Dr. Taylor (San Luis Obispo) and she started him on HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy). He was still not living full time as a woman but was starting to go out to a local support group and began making preparations to completely transition. All the while, he was still working construction during the day and was now able to go out in his true gender in the evenings and on weekends.


It was now the winter of 2009, and on Christmas Eve, Jeffrey flew out to Texas to be with his kids and ex-wife for the holidays. The day after Christmas, Jeffrey and his oldest son took a walk to the end of the street and sat to talk at the park. It was during this conversation that he decided to tell his young Jeffrey about the start of his new life. It was one of the hardest things he has ever done and Jeffrey Jr. seemed very confused. They discussed the issue for quite some time. Soon after, his eldest son told him understandingly that he fully supports his father’s decision and would come back to California to help his dad become a woman.


March of 2010, Jeffrey flew to Colorado to meet with Dr. Bowers, a highly respectable surgeon in the Trans* community, to discuss the procedures that the doctor would perform to help him become the person he was always meant to be. During this meeting they both made plans for her to perform GRS (Gender Reassignment Surgery), a trachea shave, and breast implants. She gave him a date of January, 2011. It was during this trip, on the way back to the airport, that Jeffrey called his middle son to tell him why he was currently in Colorado. Upon hearing this news, there was silence on the phone. Brad then told his father that no matter what his father looked like, or acted – he would always love him and would support his new life. This helped Jeffrey immensely. Both of his older children, now knowing and accepting of him and his plans, he felt in total comfort that his youngest would also be as accepting, when the time came to tell him.


On Memorial Day, 2010, Jeffrey finally fully transitioned into Jessica. She decided to never go back and on this weekend threw away all her male clothing. This was probably the toughest decision that this now 45 year old has ever made, but it was the best and smartest; now she wished she had done so many years earlier.  The main thing that continued to bother her living full time now is that she became increasingly anxious about getting her surgery done. She started calling her doctor repeatedly to get a chance for an earlier date. Sometime later, she was given the date of September 17, 2010; which just so happened to be her youngest son’s birth date; a coincidence? She had her name legally changed and started all her pre-op procedures before taking her life changing trip to Colorado.


Jessica was wheeled into the operating room about 5:30 in the morning at Mt. San Rafael Hospital in Trinidad, Colorado. After a seven hour surgery, Dr. Bowers had medically corrected her birth defect that Jessica was born with. Her surgery went very well and had no complications; she would heal with no issues. A couple days later, she hopped into the car leaving the hospital. She spend about another week in the morning-after house and Janet, Dr. Bowers’ assistant, handed Jessica an envelope. In this envelope was a letter stating that Jessica had completed her transition and was, according to the United States government, 100% female. She was elated, this is what she had been waiting for her whole life.


A couple weeks after her surgery, the new Jessica headed back to California to begin living her refreshed life. Words could not describe how she felt: correct, proper, real…whole.  She was still living with her mother and recovering quite well and started back at work, nothing too strenuous. Five weeks after her surgery, while Jessica was working at a tool rental yard, she met a guy named Jerry.  They started talking quite a bit and exchanged phone numbers. She really liked him and they set up a date. Jerry knew about Jessica’s situation and didn’t care about her past life; he accepted who she was now. The two got pretty intimate and Jessica learned a bit more about her surgery that day and the next. She phoned her surgeons office and questioned why she had gotten so wet while being turned on. They explained that it was part of her new body and that it was very normal now for this to happen. Jessica decided that Jerry would be her first, and a few days after being post-op six weeks, Jessica was able to make love for the first time in her new, fixed body. It finally felt right, normal, to have sex this way. She would not hiding anything any longer. She finally felt like her body and mind were in sync with each other. Life was starting to feel wonderful.


During this time of transition, Jessica was on the phone several times a day with her children.  Jeffrey Jr. was living with a friend of Jessica’s, and it was time that he moved out. Jessica, Jeffrey Jr., and his girlfriend rented a condo from her friend in Grover Beach. Her middle son had come to visit a few times and handled her new life quite well. Things were going extremely well for Jessica. Finally after all of those painful years, she was now comfortable in her own skin. She was adjusting happily, working well, making several new and remarkable friends. During her transition, she had found the Unitarian Fellowship of San Luis Obispo. They were incredibly helpful and supportive during this life changing event that she had completed and became very involved with the church.


Though Jessica was extremely happy with her life now, she greatly missed her youngest son, Curtis, who was now 12 years old. Although she was always on the phone with him, she hadn’t seen him or held him in a little over two years. Jessica spoke with numerous psychologists that she knew and her counselor, Nancy. They all agreed, it was time that her youngest boy knew about his father’s new life. This is what both the parents had originally agreed to, and Jessica decided that it was time. Curtis was also very anxious to see his father. He told her every day while they were on the phone together. Rachel had not spoken to Jessica since she had transitioned. Though she was supportive of Jeffrey prior to the surgeries, she now claimed that Jessica was a flaming faggot and that she should burn in hell. In July, 2012, Jessica phoned Rachel numerous times, leaving messages, texting her, emailing her, and had written a certified letter stating that the two needed to talk to discuss how and when their child should learn of Jessica. She never received a response of any kind.


Almost a month later, Jessica received a letter from the courts of Collin County, Texas, stating that Rachel had filed to remove Jessica’s parental rights over her youngest son, claiming that she abandoned her child; additionally, that it was extremely dangerous to her son if he found out about his father’s transition into a woman. Jessica was absolutely devastated about the news. She started searching for an attorney and found an LGBT friendly lawyer. By October, 2012, she flew to Texas for her first court hearing. Jessica and her attorney asked the courts to see her child since Jessica currently had custody of Curtis, but the courts refused her request. Alternatively, they granted her phone dialogues with him as often as she wanted, but she was required to have a full psychological evaluation performed by the courts appointed doctor, Dr. Ben Allbritton (Dallas). When Jessica stepped out of the courthouse, she immediately contacted the office to start the evaluation. Dr. Allbritton’s office explained the earliest they could start would be Monday, November 26th; costing her $3,000.00. When she got back to California, she was determined to finish this. She sent the money and made reservations for the trip.

Jessica arrived in Texas the day after Thanksgiving. By Monday, she met with Dr. Allbritton and his associates. They questioned her with incredibly evasive questions, and asked her for names and numbers of ten to fifteen friends and family, in which she responded with about twenty. Then they required her to take several rather distressing tests. Dr. Allbritton tells her that the investigation would take some time and they would need all the documents from her prior custody battle, including that evaluation performed years earlier. The judge had told her that she had permission to speak with her youngest boy whenever she liked, but Rachel would not obey the court order. Jessica’s attorney had to file a contempt case against Rachel. In the middle of December, Jessica was back in court and the judge then ordered that she could call her son only on Wednesday evenings at 5pm (Pacific Time). She was able to speak to her child the next week for the first time in about six months; however, Rachel told Curtis everything to say on the speaker phone. The next time Jessica spoke to him was on Christmas Day, again with his mother putting words in his mouth. Rachel continued to defy the court order by not allowing Jessica a proper talk with her son.


Jessica was very anxious to be with her son again. After putting in a few more phone calls to the court’s evaluator, asking when the whole thing would be ready, she finally received a response. The doctor’s secretary called Jessica and told her that the evaluation was complete, but that it was a bit tougher than usual and that she had to send an additional $1,500.00. With no hesitation, she sent over the money the next day. By that evening, the 22 page document was emailed to her. She was relieved to learn that on the last 2 pages of the document, it stated that Jessica is a suitable parent who has gone through her transition well, and presents herself as a decent and honest woman, and that she should start reunification with her youngest child through a psychologist; something that she wanted to do from day one. Her attorney stated that he would contact Rachel’s attorney and the judge to set a date so that she could start the reunification process. It took 2 weeks for the three of them to get together for a five minute phone call. Her attorney stated that Rachel’s team could argue that the evaluation was biased, even though he also interviewed her and the judge agreed. Jessica’s attorney told her that in order to continue fighting this, it would cost approximately $100,000.00 to even speak to her son again and asked her for an additional $10,000.00 retainer.


Jessica had no choice but to act as her own attorney. In June, 2013, she appeared before the courts with the couple’s oldest son on her side and begged the judge to grant her and Jeffrey Jr. permission to see her youngest boy again. Jessica wasn’t an attorney, but thought that she had enough to prove to the courts that she was a good parent, including two evaluations. The judge would not let in the evaluation as evidence even though he demanded that she have it, or go to jail. Rather, the judge let in the previous evaluation, stating that it was a California document, although not relevant to the case. He wouldn’t let in letters between Jessica and her son, even though Rachel’s attorney asked for them. He wouldn’t even allow phone records showing calls between Curtis and his father. At the end of the day, the judge told Jessica to go back to California and that he would email everyone his decision.

On Friday, following the Monday court date, Jessica received the worst news she could ever dreamed of hearing. The courts of Texas had taken away all of Jessica’s parental rights to her youngest son, Curtis. They wrote on the documentation that Jessica had endangered her child’s emotional well being by living the lifestyle that she chose. They also stated that she abandoned him by not seeing him in two years while she did her transition, even though that was the arrangement worked out by both parents. If that wasn’t enough, Jessica also received word the following day that her younger brother had passed away, and her siblings required her support. Jessica considered the idea that the courts had made their decision prior to her ever setting foot in the court room. On Christmas Eve, about six months after the court’s ruling, Jessica opened her mailbox. Inside was a big yellow envelope from Rachel’s attorney, it was dated Dec. 20th, 2013. They sent it so she would receive it on Christmas Eve. Inside was a copy of the court’s decision plus an additional ruling as requested from their child’s mother. It was a ruling stating that Jessica’s name be removed from her own son’s birth certificate.


Since this ruling, Jessica sent all her paperwork into the Department of Justice in Washington DC. Several months later, she received a phone call from an attorney in the LGBT dept. saying that their office did a thorough investigation into her case and they believe that she was hugely discriminated against and had forwarded all the paperwork to a transgender attorney in Houston, Texas named Phyllis Frye. Her office also did an investigation and they, too, thought there was a discrimination issue. Jessica spoke numerous times with an attorney named Angela Oakes that handles family law cases in Phyllis’ firm and had lengthy conversations; trying to figure out where to go from here. She ultimately told Jessica that the judge, in her case, did everything he could so that this case could never be reopened. Her time for appeal had run out while she cared for her family at the time of his death.


Since the time that Jessica lost all of her parental rights, she has decided to become an huge advocate surrounding transgender issues .Even though she had done some public speaking earlier, she sent her name out to colleges around the area and started speaking with numerous college and universities across the state . Her name and ability to communicate with students a few years younger than herself has received very positive remarks and huge results. She has been requested to speak now across the nation, Jessica has been traveling to all of these colleges and speaking with numerous classes and paying for all of it out of her own savings, she feels it is hugely important to help people understand the situation surrounding transgender individuals. She has also done many newspaper and magazine interviews hoping that people hearing her story will realize that she is just an normal ordinary woman that just happened to be born with a slight birth defect and is now, finally living her life properly and to the fullest.  She and her friend Peggy Jones have recently started a non-profit located on the central coast of California called Your True Gender, which has put together a trans* conference in San Luis Obispo this coming October 9th 10th and 11th  called Your True Gender Conference 2015. This conference will be presenting some of the biggest names in the trans* community ,including Janet Mock, Isis King, Dr Jamison Green, Dr Marci Bowers, Dr Toby Meltzer and many more.


After all of Jessica’s years of living in the wrong body, she now finally feels correct. Even though she can’t see her young boy for another three years, she is truly happy and actually loves life. She is an extremely positive woman and very outgoing and very friendly to whomever she meets and now has a passion to help everyone that she can help in transitioning and to help educate anyone she meets about people such as herself. She has an incredibly huge vision of one day living in a world where there is no more discrimination to anyone, for any reason and will do almost anything she an to help make this dream of hers a reality.

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