The Butterfly Project


"Creating a future where societies as a whole are more aware and accepting of the entire gender spectrum."


Mission Statement

 Our mission is to eliminate the ignorance and discrimination faced by LGBTQ+ communities around the world through the friendly and open sharing of a diverse array of personal stories connected to gender and intersecting identities, as well as spreading information about the gender spectrum. We partner with local individuals, schools, and a wide range of organizations to create public events that provide opportunities for queer* communities to connect, grow, and become more diverse and inclusive. We use our Kaleidoscope of Butterflies to represent and maintain continuous nonjudgmental sociable conversations about gender, a sense of safety and community, and the belief in non-violence, peace, and acceptance for all.

*At The Butterfly Project we use ‘queer’ as a re-claimed word. It is an umbrella term for all identities pertaining to sexuality and/or gender.

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