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Colleges and Universities

Jessica has spoken around the globe to Colleges and Universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Yale, Harvard and Stanford to name a few ~ there are literally hundreds more.  Her audiences range from 50 - 2,000.  
Her education helps students understand "What is means to be Transgender" and opens conversation, educates and fosters a respectful atmosphere.  Whether you are transgender, know someone going through a transition or just gathering information for the future, Jessica receives standing ovations, countless 5-Star reviews and continual re-bookings where ever she presents. 

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Student Testimonials:

Thank you for sharing your story so generously and genuinely. In offering a glimpse into the darkest and most liberating chapters of your life you have galvanised me to continue to fight to make this world a kinder, more understanding, and more equal place. The first thing I did after your talk was come home and tell my flatmates about your story. Just like me, they could not believe the structural and social barriers that you have had to face. Even my poor rendition moved them greatly! Your “butterfly effect” is already spreading its wings. As a women and children’s rights activist and someone beginning their filmmaking career, I promise to continue it in my life and future work. Seeing your resilience and resistance makes me damn proud to be a woman! Your passion, courage and warmth are contagious, and I wish you and your sons every success and happiness.

Sophie Maskell
MSt in Women’s Studies, University of Oxford

I was lucky enough to attend Jessica's amazing talk at Stanford Law School. Her story is truly incredible, and she left no stone unturned as she worked through her life story, conveying her struggles and triumphs along the way. She also was incredibly open and approachable, making it clear from the start that educating the audience was her primary goal and that everyone should feel comfortable asking her any questions they might have. No question was a bad one, to Jessica. It's clear that she strives to educate in whatever way possible, and that her mission is to keep learning and teaching others. I loved it, and I hope we cross paths again.


Stanford Law School

Jessica's talk was the most raw and moving talk I have ever experienced. I'm so grateful that I had the privilege to listen to her story. She was so amazing and I think the best speaker we have had so far.


UC San Diego

This was such an amazing experience for me to hear Jessica's story. She is one of the most engaging speakers and thoughtful human beings I have ever met.


Penn State

Jessica came to speak at Yale Law School for an event sponsored by our LGBTQ students organization OutLaws. Even before the November 2016 presidential election, I had found myself questioning what I can do with my law degree. Jessica's story helped immensely in not only grounding me in the realities of trans and queer rights in the United States, but also the threats and ignorance these rights face around the world. I was lucky enough to meet Jessica twice in one week during her time in New Haven, CT. Our candid conversations left me amazed at her strength and sharp sense of purpose. An example, Jessica's insightful answer to a law professor's direct question, "What can we do now?" -- educate one other. That is exactly what Jessica did for me, and for many of fellow students here at Yale. I am inspired by her work and her message. The most important tools we readily have are to embrace individual experiences and raise awareness.

Thank you, Jessica! Please visit Yale again soon!


Yale Law School

Connect With Me:

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

UK: 07563414581

US: 805 904-5022

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