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Medical Workshops

We offer full and half day awareness sessions specifically geared toward the medical community.

They include subject matter such as: 

  • Terminology

  • What are pronouns and why they are important

  • Micro-agreessions Transgender People Encounter from the Medical Community

  • What To Do When the Phone Rings: Welcoming Transgender Patients

  • And so much more

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 Healthcare Awareness Training and Education When Working with Trans and Gender Diverse People.

 Trans and gender diverse people are a vulnerable and underserved population with an increasing demand for appropriate and affirmative health care. Kinsey Institute Global Ambassador and a world-renowned transgender advocate, Jessica Lynn has developed a number of bespoke awareness, training and education packages to improve understanding about trans and gender diverse people and their needs.

 These  training packages aim to engage health professionals to consider how they could improve the health and care experiences of transgender and gender diverse people that they work with. We help generate new skills and strategies for health professionals when supporting trans and gender diverse people and their families.

 The training packages aim to appeal to all healthcare professionals regardless of experience of trans and gender diverse people. I aim to engage all healthcare professionals in supporting trans and gender diverse service users who require effective and affirming health care at all stages of life regardless of transition-related concerns or medical interventions.

 It is my aim to facilitate effective and rewarding healthcare experiences for both trans and gender diverse people and practitioners.

NHS Training Sessions: 2022

(numerous sessions each)

Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust ....Chester, England

NHS Harrogate District Hospital......North Yorkshire, England

Doncaster & Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust...Doncaster, England

NHS Harrogate District Hospital.....Darlington, England

University of Bradford....Bradford, England

Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust...Rotherham, England

NHS Harrogate District Hospital.....Sunderland, England

Rotherham Community Health Centre...Rotherham, England

Rotherham Foundation NHS Trust....Rotherham, England

NHS Blood and Transplant...England

South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust...Yorkshire, England

Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust...London, England

28 Jan...Rotherham Foundation NHS Trust 9:30am GMT....Rotherham, England

17 Feb...Doncaster NHS Trust, Awareness Session 8:20am GMT...Doncaster, UK

23 Feb...Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust LGBT History Month 9am & 12pm...Wakefield, England

28 Feb...Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust LGBT History Month 9am & 12pm...Wakefield, England 

23 March...NHS Sheffield Health and Social Care ....Sheffield,UK

24 March...Rotherham Foundation NHS Trust 9:30am GMT....Rotherham, England

12 April...Women in Healthcare 5pm ET...Toronto, Canada


Thinking About Gender Messages
This fun warm-up activity helps participants to think about how and what they learned about gender while they were growing up.

Medical care from a Trans view: This lesson helps participants to identify best practices for working with transgender people in medical settings, especially transgender people who are seeking routine, preventative, and general health care, and provides community-informed strategies for working with transgender, non-binary, and gender non-conforming patients.

Understanding Terminology: This foundational activity helps participants to learn the basics of transgender-related terminology through an interactive worksheet and guided discussion, which helps to clarifying common misunderstandings and confusion related to transgender people, experiences and terminology.

Imagining Being Transgender
This affective activity asks participants to imagine what it would be like to be either a transgender child or a transgender adult and consider what daily life might be like as a transgender person.

Transgender in Childhood
Through use of video clips of transgender children and guided discussion this lesson helps participants to understand the experiences of transgender children and sets a framework for understanding what it means to affirm a transgender child’s identity.

What Does Non-Binary Mean? Understanding And Supporting People Who Have Non-Binary Gender Identities
Through a brief lecture, video clips, and a brainstorming activity, this lesson provides participants with an intermediate level understanding of the concept of non-binary gender identities, the identities and experiences of people with non-binary identities, and the challenges that people with non-binary identities may face.

Micro-aggressions Transgender people face in healthcare: This powerful activity asks participants to experience what it is like to have your gender questioned or commented on in a range of settings. This empathy building activity is combined with information about microaggressions and how they impact the daily lives of transgender and gender non-conforming people, specifically in the medical community.

Understanding & Building Awareness
Using multiple teaching methods to raise awareness and increase skills, this lesson encourages participants to examine cisgender privilege and specific strategies for leveraging cisgender privilege to serve as better allies and advocates for transgender and gender non-conforming people.

What To Do When the Phone Rings, Welcoming Transgender Patients: There will be occasions when an operator may either be unsure of the gender of a caller or may inadvertently address the caller in the wrong gender. Although this ‘misgendering’ of a person may arise in any situation and can be upsetting, it is particularly so for transgender individuals; the impact can cause great embarrassment, for both parties. This session will help team members speak with a transgender or non-binary patient by phone without causing any embarrassment to either party.

What are personal pronouns and why do they matter:  Gender pronouns are words that people use to refer to others without using their names. Using a person’s correct pronouns fosters an inclusive environment and affirms a person’s gender identity. This session will discuss what gender pronouns are, why they are important, how to be inclusive and respectful, some common gender pronouns, and what to do if a person mistakenly uses the wrong pronouns.

What are Cisgender Privileges: Cisgender privilege is having situations and circumstances which are not a problem in life because you identify as the gender in which you were given at birth. There are many things as cisgender people, we can take for granted that are problems for trans people.

Understanding Transgender Peoples Experiences: Inequality when accessing services is a significant issue for trans people. Based on evidence and the body of research that exists, many trans men and women still experience issues when it comes to health and care support. This session will help participants keep the most important points in mind as they strive to understand the experiences of transgender people.



Half Day Session


Full Day Session


One Hour Lunchtime Session



Want a different combination of topics?  Need 2 hours, 6 hours or a 2 day training?  We can custom design a workshop according to your specifications.  Let us know what you are looking for and we can guide you through the process.

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