Thank you for sharing your story so generously and genuinely. In offering a glimpse into the darkest and most liberating chapters of your life you have galvanised me to continue to fight to make this world a kinder, more understanding, and more equal place. The first thing I did after your talk was come home and tell my flatmates about your story. Just like me, they could not believe the structural and social barriers that you have had to face. Even my poor rendition moved them greatly! Your “butterfly effect” is already spreading its wings. As a women and children’s rights activist and someone beginning their filmmaking career, I promise to continue it in my life and future work. Seeing your resilience and resistance makes me damn proud to be a woman! Your passion, courage and warmth are contagious, and I wish you and your sons every success and happiness.

With love and respect,

Sophie Maskell
MSt in Women’s Studies, University of Oxford

I was lucky enough to attend Jessica's amazing talk at Stanford Law School. Her story is truly incredible, and she left no stone unturned as she worked through her life story, conveying her struggles and triumphs along the way. She also was incredibly open and approachable, making it clear from the start that educating the audience was her primary goal and that everyone should feel comfortable asking her any questions they might have. No question was a bad one, to Jessica. It's clear that she strives to educate in whatever way possible, and that her mission is to keep learning and teaching others. I loved it, and I hope we cross paths again.


Stanford Law School

Hi Jessica!

My name is Ellie and I was one of the many students to hear your speech at UCCS in Morgen's Sociology class!

I just wanted to email you and let you know how much your story moved me personally, and allowed me to open myself up to a whole other side to the transgender community. 

I grew up in Columbus, Ohio, in a very conservative, Trump-supporting town and though I have never been against or discriminated against the LGBTQ community, I have never been exposed to it living in my small suburb, so I haven't gotten the chance to even think about it and have insight within their struggles. 

Your story allowed me to 100% sympathize for the LGBTQ and fully understand and accept that we are all just human, and we can do however we please with our bodies, with our attractions, with our sexuality, and more. After hearing the struggles you have gone through, just to see your children which you have provided everything for, I actually wanted to look more into the rights that are often taken away from people for these things- and I was shocked. Realizing that these discriminations are taking place around our country to millions of human beings was a big wake up call for me and made me realize the steps of awareness that would be beneficial to myself as well, as I can be a part of the changes that need to be made in our country. 

Seeing people of this population around our campus has made me want to reach out to them, listen to their stories, and be an outlet of help for them when they're going through struggles of their own. I have looked into the big LGBT parade that occurs every year in Columbus and will be attending next year and will be apart of with the place that I work, along with helping plan and decorate the float we will have. 

I think that by you going to schools all over the country, and even the world, will help bring the awareness that is necessary for our generation, opening another world of insight to the students. I only hope you continue to advocate as you do, and share your personal story with humor and by making everyone around you comfortable, as I want other students to become as moved by this current event as I am. 

Make them realize what needs to change.

Thank you.


University of Colorado, Colorado Springs


Hearing and meeting Jessica Lynn was nothing short of an amazing experience. I had no idea what to expect when I first saw her. The way she told her story was truly mind blowing, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time, and she actually brought tears to my eyes. She is someone to look up to and I now think about her when ever I am feeling down and feel like giving up. I like to think and say sometimes, "my life sucks" and feel sorry myself. After hearing her story, and everything she has been through and still going through, I stop and think,  my life isn't that bad. She has lost so many people so dear and close to her heart, that I can't even begin to fathom how lucky I really am. The fact that she has faced so many heart breaking and challenging obstacles her whole entire life, is beyond admirable. I think it was absolutely brilliant to have her come talk to our classroom. People everywhere  need to know and understand that "transgenders" aren't "freaks" or "creeps", they are normal people just like us that have had a way harder time dealing with gender identity and conforming to societal norms. I am so happy to have met and heard Jessica Lynn speak. She was hilarious, and a free spirit, and no matter what challenges she will face I believe she will overcome them. The amount of strength she has had her whole life astounds me. I pray that she will reconnect with her son, Curtis. The whole story was very heartbreaking, and I could feel and hear her pain. Thank you for bringing her to speak in our classroom.  



Texas State University

Hi Jessica

I was sat on the front row at a talk you did this morning and I just wanted to say thank you for telling your story.  Your story is both heart breaking and inspiring!  I can only imagine how many lives you must have changed throughout your journey!  I certainly will take a lot of what I’ve learnt from you today into my everyday life and am very thankful that my little girl gets to grow up in a world where people like you exist to help the world become a more accepting and loving place!

 I would have told you today but I would have started blubbing for sure so went in for a hug instead!

So thank you again I feel privileged to have met you today!


University of Warwick, UK

I was a nurse in the audience today in Cheshire. What an inspirational person you are and what I’ve gained from hearing your story today has empowered me to be more open and aware of the difficulties and prejudices that you and others have had to endure in your journeys. I will take your story with me to others to help start conversations and an openness and greater awareness for all NHS staff. You are amazing


NHS Cheshire, UK

Jessica, you are nothing less than an absolute inspiration to all young people. You spoke with such honesty and passion to our students; many have already commented on how shocked they were at your treatment but also how brave you have been.
From a teacher's perspective your story is one that reflects the bigotry that has existed in the past and which, unfortunately, still prevents us all from living in a world of equality, tolerance and understanding.
By sharing your experiences and educating those whose minds have not yet fully opened, you are truly making a monumental difference. You thoroughly deserve the respect of all of us.
Thank you Jessica and thank you Stonewall for all your efforts in making our society a much happier and safer place to live.


The Maplesden Noakes School

Kent, England

For one lecture we had a transgender woman as our guest speaker, and the experience was eye-opening. I walked out of class that day thinking to myself- this is why I came to college. I have always supported people's right to the lifestyle they wish to live, but until that class I hadn't seen the personal testimony of what that looks like right in front of you. 

She was a phenomenal speaker and I hope all future classes have the pleasure of getting to hear her speak and tell her story. 



Texas State University 


Jessica came to speak at Yale Law School for an event sponsored by our LGBTQ students organization OutLaws. Even before the November 2016 presidential election, I had found myself questioning what I can do with my law degree. Jessica's story helped immensely in not only grounding me in the realities of trans and queer rights in the United States, but also the threats and ignorance these rights face around the world. I was lucky enough to meet Jessica twice in one week during her time in New Haven, CT. Our candid conversations left me amazed at her strength and sharp sense of purpose. An example, Jessica's insightful answer to a law professor's direct question, "What can we do now?" -- educate one other. That is exactly what Jessica did for me, and for many of fellow students here at Yale. I am inspired by her work and her message. The most important tools we readily have are to embrace individual experiences and raise awareness.

Thank you, Jessica! Please visit Yale again soon!


Yale Law School


Jessica is a really inspiring public speaker – she is both passionate and challenges you to think. Her story is very personal, honest and moving. Through her telling of injustices as well as successfully transitioning, she connects with her audience powerfully. I’m so glad that I saw Jessica speak – I felt really fired up about transgender issues afterwards and feel we all have a responsibility to challenge discrimination. I wish her every success in re-connecting with her youngest son

Dr Melissa Stepney

Qualitative Researcher, Health Experiences Research Group

University of Oxford

Hello Jessica,

This is Charlie from Harvard Law School. Thank you again for coming to speak with us. Your story was incredible and you delivered it so well. I thought it was particularly powerful how your personal journey and discovery of yourself was tied your family. I really liked how you presented the balance and struggle between personal needs and family needs. The use of photos and the timing of them with your story was also very effective and illustrated many points of your story with a visual element. Keep doing what you are doing.

As I mentioned after the talk, I think it would be very helpful to connect with Family Law professors and classes at law schools you visit. Your story touches on so many aspects of Family Law, and you present the issues from a trans perspective, to which many students may never exposure in a typical Family Law class.

Thank you again for speaking. 


Harvard Law School


I am Chandan from National Law University Delhi. I attended the lecture that you gave in my University.This was the first time I listened and understood the issue from this perspective. I have read and know how the people from LGBT group are looked and judged in India and across the world but listening and understanding it from you was a great and enlightening experience for me. I also appreciate the way you opened yourself to us and talked freely about your life and your sufferings.I am from the lowest caste of the Hindu religion and I know how people are stereotyped. I respect the job you are doing of sensitising people about the problems and biasness that this community faces. I am sure that your and other people efforts will help the community to grow and fight for their rights. Hope that every individual gets substantive rights in future.

Thank you


National Law University Delhi, India


Dear Jessica,

I was present for your talk given at the WBNUJS, Kolkata campus on September 14th, 2017. I wanted to let you know that as a student of law and social sciences, I found the story of your experiences extremely informative and engaging. The injustices perpetrated against you inspires me to take up the cause of LGBT rights with renewed enthusiasm! You are doing a great job at creating awareness, please keep gong since many more people need to hear your stories.



2nd​Year, B.A. LL.B.(Hons.)

The WB National University of Juridical Sciences,

Kolkata, India



Good evening,

Sorry for the late email. I wanted to say that I really enjoyed your presentation today. I think it was nice to hear you speak from the heart about some of the personal and systemic struggles you have experienced as a Transgender individual. Often this is a narrative that is silenced or belittled in the public sphere, and I know the importance of changing the discussion from a taboo topic to a more understanding conversation, in order to evoke the change needed to make the world a safer and happier place for those who identify as Transgender. Personally, I have a few friends and a family member who have come out as Trans. Until college, I did not have much understanding of the topic, and mainstream discussion of it made me unsure how to approach the issue without being labelled for defying what everyone else believed. Since meeting and hearing the stories of Trans individuals, I have become much more comfortable and open to people being who they want and need to be. I feel your story has only encouraged my want to make this world a better place for others who have struggled as you have. In my undergrad, I did some research on safe space for LGBTQ2+ individuals in my community, and learned a lot about the systemic barriers that a lot of these individuals face. My goal in educating myself is to help make this world better and more accessible to those who face these barriers. I hope it's okay that I pass on your information to some of my undergrad professors, I feel your story would be well-received in the program, and would help other students understand that Trans people are people too, and that everyone is deserving of being treated fairly and justly and for being themselves rather than a single label or identifier. I want to be able to use my privileges as a cis woman to help my fellow humans be treated as that, human. I wish you the best in your future endeavours, and feel you have made a very big impact on me. Continue to spread your message, it is truly inspiring.



Trinity College Dublin, Ireland



To open with the guest speaker Jessica Lynn I must say that her story was truly amazing and an eye opener. Her story was powerful and had so much meaning behind it that right after class I went on to tell my friends and family about her story. She came in with so much passion about what it meant for her to be transgender and how there are so many others who are scared to speak up because they are afraid they will be humiliated or not accepted by those who mean the most to them. Jessica helped me to gain so much knowledge, especially when she went on to talk about how African Americans are the ones who are frequently killed due to being transgender. I did not know that African Americans are having to suffer from racism and being their true selves whether it be transgender, bisexual, or etc. Jessica Lynn helped me to understand that it is okay to be true to yourself whether you have the acceptance from others or not. Like why put yourself through so much trouble and pain trying to be someone you are not when you can be yourself and love yourself for who you are. She also taught me to fight for what I love no matter how much it will cost you in the long run because in the end you will be surrounded by those who love you and light up the room when they walk in. For example, when she was fighting for custody of her children she never gave up no matter how much stress it put her through or money it cost she was determined to get her children and live the life she has always wanted. If I had to describe Jessica Lynn in three words I would say she is brave, ambitious, and persistent. . . . Jessica's story was truly one that needed to heard and shared. 



Texas State University



I just wanted to send you a quick email thanking you for the amazing talk you gave today. I am a student at KU and was in the Sociology class that you came in and spoke to this morning. Your message was truly eye opening and amazing. Not only do I have the upmost respect for you and your story but I am so grateful that I got the opportunity to hear you speak. You were an incredibly engaging speaker and I learned a lot from you today in class.
The world needs more individuals like you, speaking out and shedding light on topics that many are afraid to address openly, honestly, and publicly. It was truly amazing to hear your story and so eye opening for me. I cannot thank you enough for coming into class today. I hope you know how much I appreciate you taking the time to do that today and how much of an impact your honesty and openness made on me. You gave me a better understanding of all people and made me a more understanding and aware person this morning.
I hope to get to hear you speak again sometime in the future!
A million thanks


University of Kansas

I had the privilege of meeting and listening to Jessica Lynn's story when she came to speak at NUIG during my semester of graduate work in Ireland.  Jessica gives a firsthand account of the transgender experience, not using charts or graphs or statistics, but rather using the power of storytelling.  She was honest and real and funny, which I think can be a welcome breath of fresh air, especially in an academic setting.  She reminds us that no matter the differences between us, we are all human and have shared connection through our hopes and our fears, our trials and our tribulations.  I would highly recommend hosting Jessica to promote awareness on transgender issues.  You will not regret it.

Alanna Scully

National University of Ireland, Galway



Dear Jessica,

My name is Roisin and I attended your talk at the University of Bristol yesterday evening. I want to thank you for giving an amazing talk. I'm cis-gendered and you really opened my eyes to some of the injustices transgender people face, but I also loved your focus on not being a spokesperson for all transgender people. A lot of reports in the media on minority communities paint all members of the community to be the same, so it was refreshing to hear you talk as an individual. I wish you all the best in your campaigning and I hope you find your son.

Thank you again,


University of Bristol



Dear Jessica,
I listened to your presentation today at Universitat de Barcelona, Faculty of Geography and History, at our  class of Olga Jubany's course Gender and Identity. I thank you for a really inspiring and eye-opening story that you shared with us!
I wanted to say that I find you as an extremely brave person to speak out loud your story and share your personal life story just the way it is to so many strangers like us.  That to me was the most startling thing about your presentation today: just to hear a story like yours and meet you in person and in that way to realize, that this is something that is actually happening in our societies and right now. So many things need to change in our common way of thinking and we need to make it happen. You really are doing a work that matters. I wish you the best of luck in future!

Thank you once more about a memorable presentation today!
Best regards,


Universitat de Barcelona



Hi Jessica,

Thank you for speaking at UCSD last Thursday evening. Unfortunately I was not able to make it to class to that day due to being sick with flu. However I was listening to the class podcast today and was very very strongly inspired! Thank you so much for spreading the word, evoking this whole range of different emotions in me, for not giving up, fighting the fight, being honest sharing your very complex, sensitive and beautiful story, and staying truthful to yourself and your values. I gotta tell you made me misty a few times through the speech! Just wanted to take a minute to thank you.That's all.

Kind Regards,


University of California, San Diego



Hi Jessica,

I attended your speech last Tuesday at UCCS and it totally changed the way I look at things. Before I heard your story, I really didn't understand why anyone would want to change their sex. I always thought that transgenders just decided they wanted to be another sex. I never realized everything you went through. 

To be honest, I really did not want to attend your speech because I just assumed that every transgender journey is the same. But I am so happy that I did because I thought your story was amazing and I have a whole new respect for transgenders. After your speech I just felt good, I am not sure why but I was just happy. I went home and told my mom and my little sister your entire story and I kept telling my mom that if you ever come to UCCS again we were going to go listen to your story again. 

After hearing your story I truly do believe you were meant to make a difference in this world and I do believe that you're doing that and I have so much respect you. Your speech gave me a better understanding and it gave me hope, so thank you.



​University of Colorado, Colorado Springs



My name is Tess and I'm a student at The University of Kansas. I was in the lecture yesterday when you spoke and I just wanted to reach out and tell you how much I enjoyed it. I have not stopped thinking about how much of an amazing parent you must be and how inspirational your story was. I can't imagine going through everything you have and still have such a positive and funny personality. You are truly amazing. Thank you so much for coming to KU and I hope to hear you speak again.



University of Kansas



Hi Jessica,

I came into the session thinking it would be a good experience, to have my Sunday well spent and to contribute to a social cause but little did I know that I'd come out as a different person altogether! It was you and your buddies doing the actual "contribution". Your journey, no doubt was something one can't imagine even in his worst nightmares (I teared up multiple times) but what actually differentiates it, is the way you've dealt with things. The fight that you have put up in the past, the one that you still pursue now (for a greater cause) is commendable. And here we are...worrying about tests and exams and assuming that we are into "depression"! :)

Something within me tells me that your voice, will definitely be heard, ONE FINE DAY! What we, as a society do, to make that day come soon, is the question. Even with an increase in the number of "social workers", people who volunteer etc., transgender issues are one of the lesser known social causes. There is so much depth, so much NEED in that aspect. In fact, there is so much that could be done!! and done easily if people are aware and they collaborate. The world could be a beautiful place!  As a responsible student of this renowned business school, I promise to contribute enough if not more, to make my future organization Transgender-friendly, in the truest of its sense! I promise to continue talking about your story, talking about the bigger issue and spread awareness to the extent possible. Thanks a ton for coming on campus. Eagerly looking forward to your film "The Birth Defect". Wish you all the success in the world and hope to see you soon. Cheers! :)




IIM Calcutta, India

Hi Jessica,

I was at the talk you held at IIIT-Hyderabad. I've known about transgenders for a while, but meeting you was an awesome experience for many reasons - you showed me that truths about your life that the world refuses to accept, and continued to be the best person you could regardless. You refused to let the world crush you despite how hard it tried to bring you to knees and chain you.

After your talk, I've been thinking a lot, both about your story, and the challenges that - for all I know - are being faced by the people closest to me. Having spent a long time questioning myself over my apparent lack of attraction to others and thinking I wasn't normal, I have an inkling of what it's like to not understand who you are. I know it's not easy to spend all your time wondering what it would be like to be "normal" - and what I would do to know just once what it feels like to belong. What I still sometimes struggled with, however, is nothing compared to what you were forced to go through.

I wanted you to know that I think you're amazing. You're a beautiful person who makes everyone who meets you fall in love with your effusive, honest personality and the integrity of your character. You are a miracle for still being so cheerful and forgiving, and for being able to change those touched by your presence into people who can better the world for all.

I loved hearing your story, and meeting you was probably one of the highlights of my life. I feel proud to say that I was able to connect with you, and I hope that the understanding and acceptance of a single person like me can make a difference to your life.

Good luck for your big day!

Have a great time with you son on your shared birthdays.

With all my love,


IIIT-Hyderabad, India


Dear Ma'am,

Apologies in advance for the mail from a stranger.

I'm a student at NALSAR and was present at the talk you gave in the evening today. Your talk today has made me think about notions of gender which if unaddressed can potentially cause great harm and for making me aware of the gravity of the same by sharing your journey, I would like to sincerely thank you.

However I must confess that my knowledge about gender dysphoria remains abysmally low. Your experience has given me the exposure I needed to understand about gender and I once again thank you for providing that beginning.



NALSAR , India

Hello Jessica,

My name is Makyla. I was one of many student that had the pleasure of listening to your journey as well as your burden in Professor Morgen Thomas's Sex and Society class. 

I want to spare you the whole recap of what you said to us  that day (mostly because this email would be 800 pages long). I just wanted to say though how touching your story really was. I'd like to think that my generation and the generation after mine is more open to individuals who are transitioning/ want to transition/ and are transitioned. Personally, I find the courage, the bravery, the overall journey to completely YOUR self love amazing. I have never been under any pressure with identifying as a woman, and for that privilege, I want to thank you for making me and all of other women in that classroom, who were privileged to be placed into the bodies that we wanted the first time. I want to thank you for opening my eyes to how selfish I and every other woman am for not speaking for the transgender community. How closed minded we have been, how blind we have been to the severity of this situation. I'm so happy and proud that you use your voice to just get the fucking story out to be completely honest. We need to hear it. All of us. Both men and women. I'm so happy that you finally feel right, feel complete with the person you were meant to be. You showed me that I have taken my body that I love for granted. 

I want to close this email with the fact that you have literally shown me that I need to stop being an useless bystander. Your story and your journey showed me that transitioning is not some trend that people are doing on Instagram, but it's real life. I will use my voice to fight for your rights as well as the rights of every other transgender man and woman. 

You are heard. You are loved. And you matter.

My utmost love,


University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

I am writing to you to thank you- I attended the talk by Ms.Jessica Lynn last evening.

It was an hour of rapt attention and engagement with the speaker. 

The way Ms.Jessica has led her life and weathered storms with incredible amount of courage,humor and grace is an honor to know and to listen to the experience first-hand has been a privilege. 

Thank you for inviting her. I wanted to talk to her but didn't get to- I would be very glad if you could convey my gratitude to her. Or even more thrilled if I could get her e-mail. 

Thank you, once again.



Ashoka University, India


Thank you so much for your very honest and open account of the consequences that a closed-minded transphobic society can have to a trans person's personal life (in your case the USA). It was very eye-opening and makes the trans experience very personal. We would love to welcome you back at SIT Amsterdam in the future!


SIT, Amsterdam


Thank you so much for sharing your story with us at the University of Pennsylvania. Your words are truly inspiring and your honesty and candor is uniquely refreshing. Your words have opened my mind to so many things that I intend to share with others and the world. Your willingness to share such a poignant and special story is so powerful and you should know that your work as an advocate for a marginalized community is truly making a difference. Thank you so much for providing me with the opportunity to hear your story.


University of Pennsylvania



Jessica gave an exceptional presentation at Yale Law School. She is one of the rare individuals who can turn tragedy into motivation, using her story to educate others. I think a lot of people--myself included--walked away from her talk feeling determined to make the law a better and more supportive system for the trans community. Jessica was a captivating speaker and faced the audience with warmth and generosity. I hope to see her again and would recommend her presentation to anyone who has the opportunity to see it. Thanks Jessica!


Elise Wander

Yale Law School



This was such an amazing experience for me to hear Jessica's story. She is one of the most engaging speakers and thoughtful human beings I have ever met.



Penn State



Dear Jessica,

Thank you again so much for attending the Stanford Outlaw Conference this past Friday. Your voice on the panels was truly invaluable, and I was truly moved by your presentation about the struggles you've faced in trying to be true to yourself.

Thank you again so much for your participation!

Best regards,



Stanford Law School




Thank you so much for your talk today at Harvard Law. I was so inspired by your story. I'm so sorry for everything that's happened to you. My professional goal is to be judge, and stories like this further my drive to get on the bench so I can make just and fair decisions instead of some of the inexcusable decisions I see being made all the time from the current bench. 

I have no constructive criticism for your presentation; it was amazing. All I ask is that you keep making presentations like this to as many law students as you can! I've already told so many of my friends your story in the past hour.

Thanks again and good luck on your journey.


Harvard Law School



Hi Jessica,

I just wanted to reach out and thank you for your talk at Penn Law today. Your talk was compelling and informative, touching on one of the most important civil rights issues facing our country today. The room listened with rapt attention as you told your moving and emotional story. As law students, we often get caught up in our studies and lose sight of the real consequences our future profession has on everyday people, be they cis, trans, gay or straight. You reminded me of why I came to law school – to help individuals and families who are affected by a flawed legal system every day. Thank you.

As a side note- I will definitely get in touch with my Texas friends who work in Texas politics. I agree with you that education is key to progress, and I think your story has the potential to change many hearts.

I look forward inviting you back to Penn next year! Until then – good luck and safe travels.​



University of Pennsylvania Law School



I had the privilege of hearing Miss Lynn speak at MSU in the spring semester of 2016, and I must say, I am thoroughly impressed. I love that she is not stuffy, does not talk over students' heads, nor is she hard to relate to like many academic speakers. She is someone that our students can really understand and connect with on a very human level. I think that connection is very important - even more important in some ways than pure education from a knowledgeable academic. I think her style of speech is particularly useful for students here in the South who may tend to shutdown when academic jargon is presented, especially about a topic that is considered controversial in the South. I am SO excited to hear her speak again in the fall semester of 2016!



Mississippi State University​



Alternately heartbreaking and funny, Jessica's talk was extremely informative and moving. She was very frank about her experiences and addressed all questions with wit and grace. I now have a better understanding of some of the personal and social struggles that many people in the trans community deal with on a daily basis. Thanks again, Jessica, for taking the time to share your story with my class and I hope that you are able to reunite with your son

Josh Baker

Rutgers Law School



Thank you so much for sharing your story with us on Friday, March 10, 2017. This is the first exposure that I've had to a story from the transgender community on parenting and the legal battles that can arise from it - not only was it insightful, but I felt such a rollercoaster of emotions throughout your telling of the story (which was great; you're a great storyteller). I felt that pain and anguish when you wove your feelings of your early years, relief when you met someone who supported and loved you during a time many did not feel you were worthy of it, and it continued on - love when you found love, disgust when you were met with discrimination, disbelief when hearing the verdicts, and so much more.

Thank you for enlightening me with this new shade of grey that I do not feel I would have known otherwise. The lecture was one of the most interesting that I have attended, and I definitely will be watching your movie!


UC San Diego



I've been a member of my university's LGBT+ and Ally organization since the start of my freshman year which closed the academic year with six members. Four years later I am the president of this organization with membership approaching 50 active students. In my time with this organization I have witnessed countless guest speakers during our meetings, but none quite as powerful as Ms. Jessica Lynn. I have never witnessed a quest speaker captivate this organization's membership in such a manner. The story that she brings to life makes the fight for transgender rights relevant to everyone, regardless of "the shade of grey" that they identify with. Truly a revolutionary and eye opening experience, a real pleasure.

Nick Saloom

University of Louisiana, Lafayette 


Jessica came to speak in my law class today, and I found her story to be enlightening, informative, and extremely moving all at once. She has lived a life very few people, if anyone, can fully understand, and has clearly had more life experience in her 52 years than most people have in a lifetime. Her story really brought light to how ridiculous the legal system can be. She is performing a great service by going around the country and telling people about her experiences. I am thrilled to hear that there will be a movie made about her story, because the more people who know about this the better. I wish Jessica nothing but the best in the future.


Rutgers Law School


I really enjoyed your talk last week. I think your story inspires others to be their best self and strive to achieve the goals they have for themselves. I loved hearing how your story evolved over the years. You have gone through so many ups and downs, but I respect how strong you've stayed over the years. Thank you for sharing your story, Jessica. You are such an independent, strong, and courageous woman who is destined for greatness.


Rachel K

University of Mississippi

I attended Jessica's speech at CU Denver recently and it was honestly one of the most compelling, eye-opening and heartfelt talks I've ever heard. Jessica's raw humor, brash honesty and downright sincerity make her a wonderful speaker that engages her audience from start to finish. Her story of the struggle to be accepted as female by society and be a good parent to her kids is heart-breaking, emotional, and devastating. Its enough to make even the most passive person want to take up arms in the fight for trans rights. If you want your students to understand the struggles of trans people, I believe that Jessica is an excellent person to educate them.

Sid Nelson

University of Colorado, Denver

Jessica's story is one of the most inspiring I've ever heard. She really knows how to establish a genuine, heart-felt connection with her audience, even with those who may have never met a trans person in their lives. As a gay man working to promote equality on the University of Georgia's campus, her talk fired me up to work harder than ever before to make sure the "T" in LGBT is never overlooked. From changing hearts and minds to repealing transphobic laws and policies, Jessica's story demonstrates that there is something that each and every one of us can do for the benefit of the trans community. I highly encourage everyone who has the opportunity to hear it to do so and bring as many friends as possible.

Dustin Sammons

University of Georgia


Dear Ms. Lynn,
Your story is enthralling and inspirational, and I am so thankful you shared it with my Sexuality, Gender Identity and the Law class today. I hope you continue to educate people all over the world and spread your beautiful message about the “Butterfly Effect,” because it resonated with me on a profoundly deep level. Your story highlights a shortcoming of the US judicial system; namely, the abhorrent discrimination that still exists within it. I hope, as a future attorney, that I will represent honest, hardworking, and compassionate individuals like you and obtain more fair outcomes. Thank you again.
Warm Regards,

Rutgers Law School

Honestly, this story was heartbreaking and astounding. It was really eye opening that stuff like your situation happens in this world. We are all blinded and we only see what social media presents but we never get the truth. I am so happy that I stayed and got to hear your story. 
Your free spirit and energy really moves the story more. I really do believe that everyone should hear story. This is really good education for the general public. 
Thank you for getting personal and sharing. I'm sure there are many people battling a similar situation like you and it might help them to hear you.
Good luck on your future endeavors.


Cal State University, Northridge


Hi Jessica,
I had the pleasure of listening to you speak this morning at KU for my sociology class. I absolutely loved hearing your story. It was funny, intriguing, heartbreaking, and just about every other emotion in-between. I can't even begin imagine how hard everything has been over the years, yet you still keep moving forward trying to spread equality for all.  Thank you for doing everything you do for equality.


University of Kansas



I heard Jessica speak today at Cal State La and she was amazing. A wonderful example of a strong woman and incredibly nice too. She gave a beautiful and compelling talk about her journey as a transgender woman and the loss of her youngest child because of an intolerant and prejudicial legal system. I will do my best to share with others how inspiring she was and is and how we can all help in changing our world by changing our attitudes.
Thank you Jessica!


Cal State Los Angeles

Ms. Lynn, 
Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to speak at the University of Northern Colorado. It was such a pleasure to meet such a charismatic, intelligent, and overall wonderful person as yourself. While watching your guest lecture I was made aware of your journey. It was an honor to watch your humble demeanor, as most would never dream about the tribulation you have encountered. Your story is a true inspiration and I am very thankful for meeting you and being in your presence. I look forward to attending a future lecture and sharing your story.

Ainsley Oates

University of Northern Colorado


Dear Jessica-lynn,
All I can say is, wow! The depth and power of your story goes beyond your transition, and without a doubt touches everyone who is fortunate enough to hear it. You are not only a strong woman, but a strong parent as well. I can only hope that more people can learn from the amazing life lessons that you have to share, and that your story can continue to create a more empathetic, and peace oriented world.
God Bless!,

Wagner College



I can't express to you enough how much I appreciated you taking the time to come to Penn's campus this evening to share your story. You are an absolutely remarkable woman. Your story was so moving and you should be so proud of your decisions. You were an incredible father, brother, boyfriend and now an incredible, beautiful woman.

I won't pretend to understand even the slightest bit of what you went through. I grew up in a very traditional, stable household and still don't know what it really means to struggle and prevail. Hearing the hardships that you went through and the struggles you endured ever since you were a little boy gave me a lot of perspective in my life. I take a lot of what I have and what I experience as a heterosexual white woman for granted. There are people dealing with a lot more debilitating stresses in life other than doing well in a particular class or getting asked to a dance. I need to be reminded of that more often and will be forever grateful that you came into my life- even if it was just for 90 minutes. 

You deserve all the happiness in the world and I hope you continue to speak to audiences about our experience and what it really means to a transitioned woman. It's a beautiful thing and I'm so glad your story has a happy ending. 

​Best of luck to you in the future, I'm sure I will read or hear about something incredible you've done in the future. 

Your sense of humor is great, never filter yourself. 


Annenberg School for Communication

University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2018

Hey Jessica! I just wanted to stop and thank you for coming and speaking at MSU the other night. Your story is truly amazing and eye-opening. I loved getting to know you and how voiced your story to all of us. I hope that your story will influence and have positive effects on others like it has me! Keep doing what you're doing.

Hayley H.
Mississippi State University

Jessica Lynn is the most inspirational speaker I've ever listened to. Her story is so unique and moving, but most of all she's doing this to bring awareness to the transgender community without turning a prophet for herself. Plus her sense of humor is priceless.


University of Colorado, Colorado Springs



Dear Jessica,

I was in the Sociology class at UCCS that you came and spoke to last week about your life. I thought it was a really interesting and moving story, and it's great that you're able to share your experiences! I enjoyed actually meeting a person who goes through the struggles, it was a very different experience than just watching a video and seeing someone on camera talking. It's nice to experience it in person and understand it even more. The way you presented your story was very well done and effective. I hope that you're able to spread the word and make a positive change in society through your experiences. It was a great experience hearing you talk and giving your story, and I hope that things go well for you in the future and when you're able to talk to your youngest son. Thank you for coming to talk to our class.



University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

My name is Jose and I would like to say that I was really captivated with your speech. Your life struggle has really opened my eyes regarding the many injustices to the LGBT community and can honestly say that I fully support the movement. It is like you previously mentioned that people are simply misinformed or may be oblivious regarding the subject. We live in a fast changing world which may sometimes be unjust to some but your dedication and will power can be inspiring to many. I wish you the best and hopefully I may attend one of your speeches in the future. 


Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

Jessica Lynn is an authentic, moving, and compelling voice for the challenges confronting transgender individuals in our society. The strength and courage she has shown in surmounting the personal tragedies she has experienced are an inspiration to all who hear her. We were blessed to have her share her journey with our congregation. . . .

Robert Deyle,

Worship Coordinator,

Unitarian Universalist Church of Tallahassee

Ms. Lynn,
Thank you for visiting Mississippi State University. It was such an honor to hear your story and witness your courage. As you are probably aware, Mississippi is not the most tolerant place and I (and many others I'm sure) am very grateful that students are able to hear about life experiences such as yours. It is my hope that people who are able to see you will walk away with a heightened understanding of the transgender experience and will be able to see that we are all fundamentally the same. As famed psychotherapist Nathaniel Branden said, "The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance."


Mississippi State University 

Ms. Lynn,

My name is Hayley and I am a freshman at Auburn University. I was able to hear you speak during my women's studies class today but was unable to talk to you afterwards because I had to run to my next class. I just wanted to email you to let you know how much I was inspired by your talk today and share how grateful I am that you were able to speak to me and my classmates. I am from Washington DC, and was fortunate enough to be raised in a community of acceptance and open-mindedness so I've been fairly informed on transgender affairs, however I think as Alabama is a pretty conservative and traditional place most of my classmates have not. I think that sharing your story in Alabama and speaking with people who may not have heard about what its like to be a transgender person is so incredibly courageous and I was so moved by your story. Your strength and persistence has made my day and truly forced myself to think about ways I can get involved in helping the transgender community. Thank you so much for taking the time to speak to us, I hope you know that your story has truly made a difference in at least my life.  

Thank you again! Best Wishes,


Auburn University

Hi Jessica,
As a future nurse, hearing you speak really opened not only my eyes to the challenges that individuals in the transgender community face within themselves, but it also allowed me to understand from your experience how close minded most health care professionals are when placed in situations with trans individuals. It is my hope that I will use my career help advocate and provide equal treatment regardless of the chosen sex of an individual. This is a field where nurses and doctors alike need more education about how to bring healthcare up speed with the transgender community that has quickly gained momentum, especially within the last year.

University Of Massachusetts, Lowell

Jessica came to visit Wagner College last Thursday and shared her story with my class. She is an engaging, entertaining, inspirational, energetic, funny, compassionate, open and truly wonderful woman. Thank you so much for coming, sharing your experiences and educating people on the campus. You are a remarkable person and I hope you are able to come back next school year! Take care, you'll be in my thoughts!

Wagner College

Dear Jessica Lynn,

I just wanted to take the time to let you know that I really enjoyed hearing your story when you came to my class on October 14th at the University of Delaware! It was refreshing to hear something so raw compared to what we go over in our normal lectures. Your story was so eye-opening and answered so many questions that I had about people who transition to another sex. I also had no idea how much the government can really screw you over when they don’t approve of your lifestyle. I honestly wished we had more time in class for you to talk more! I really appreciate you taking the time to come and speak to our class and just wanted you to know that I am so inspired by you! I wish you the best of luck on any future endeavors and with your organization and I really hope you get to see your son soon!


Univesity of Delaware

Hello Jessica,
I attended your speech at Cal Poly a little while back. I found your story both heartbreaking and incredibly empowering. I have since shared your story with my family and friends. I sincerely wish you the best and hope you get to see your son very soon. I am a firm believer in karma, and I know that someday, a whole ton of good karma is going to come your way. I am so proud of you for what you have overcome and the countless people you have touched. Keep on kicking ass, girl!


Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Jessica Lynn spoke in my Families & Health class at the University of Utah, and her story is more than enriching. Her story is something everybody needs to hear, because it's not only eye opening, but has the intentions to make oneself more accepting. 


University of Utah

I went to your presentation at Utah State University today and really appreciated your honesty and talking about your transition. I think that most people don't understand what it means to be transgender and are scared of things that they don't understand which is why what you're doing is so important. I feel that you shared a very unique perspective and your passion for educating people on issues facing transgender individuals today is inspiring and helpful for people who might be feeling the same types of emotions as you did. I'm not from Utah, and sometimes feel that there is a sense of close-mindedness here, so your presentation was refreshing and I'm glad that I can share your story with others who maybe feel how you once felt and can see how happy you are now that you can be free to be who you were born to be. Even though I don't identify as transgender, I just wanted to share my appreciation for being brave and paving a way for those to feel comfortable with whom they are in their skin as well as raising awareness to issues within society such as legislature laws and discrimination. I wish you all the happiness and hope that you keep spreading awareness, because discrimination is unacceptable and it's time that everyone learns to accept one another regardless of their beliefs, backgrounds, or sexual identity. You're beautiful inside and out and I will share your story in hopes to facilitate change in order for you to be reunited with your son. God bless.


Utah State University



Hi Jessica,
I saw your talk at Utah State University today and was blown away but what you've been through. I wish I had taken your information down so I could email you directly. Thank you so much for sharing such a terrible, heart-wrenching story.



Utah State University

Jessica Lynn, 
I recently attended your wonderful speech at Mississippi State University, and I gotta say I was thoroughly moved. A friend asked me what I had been up to, and I honestly told him "Listening to a Champion that overcame the odds against her." I can't believe, through all of the struggles, that you are still so genuine. You are certainly a hero, and I'm not sorry for raising my hand in the back of the auditorium hahahaha(that was me)! Once again, you are truly a success story and I'll be rooting for you in your extremely unfortunate custody battle. You deserve the world. Much love from a stranger!


Mississippi State University



I really enjoyed your speech at Mississippi State , you were very open and I think that you are very motivational and your talk can definitely touch other people hearts.


Mississippi State University



Dear Ms. Jessica,
I am a student at Mississippi State University, and you came to my school to speak about your journey. I am glad you came because it did shed some light on how you came to finding, and becoming yourself, your own identity. Although I don't think I will ever truly understand it all. I did learn that even though people may not believe, or stand up for what you are doing, I believe that everyone should be treated with dignity and respect, and treated fair and just. It was heart breaking to hear the story about your son, Curtis. 
Thank You for coming to our school!


Mississippi State University



I thoroughly enjoyed listened to your powerful message. Thanks for coming to educate us at Mississippi State University!



Mississippi State University



My name is Rachel and you came and spoke to my class at UCCS about a month ago. I come from a very small town and was never introduced or familiar with the transgender population. I have always had the view that transgender people are not "normal" and that it is something that could be "fixed" if people tried hard enough. After you came and spoke to our class I felt so ashamed of myself because I was disappointed in how I thought thinking this way was okay. Your story completely changed my thoughts and feelings about the transgender population. I think that what your are doing by telling your story is more real and more effective than any other way to get the real image out about what it means to be transgender. I wish you the best luck in your future and thank you for changing my perspective on something I never thought I would change my mind about. Please continue going to universities and making the younger generation aware so that hopefully in the future there will be less discrimination among the population, because the reality is that we are all human beings when it comes down to it. Thank you so much for being a real voice for the population.


University of Colorado, Colorado Springs



Hello Jessica,

Thank you for being so open and honest about your life and what you have gone through. It means a lot that you were willing to answer anything we were wondering about. Although, your transition does not define you I love that you're willing to let others know exactly how everything is. As humans we are curious and although that may come across as rude to others you let it be a positive and education experience. It was wonderful hearing you speak. Hope you come back to UCCS! 

Thank you for your time,


University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

Hi Jessica,

I just wanted to write you letting you know how much I loved your presentation today in our class. I truly thought it was an amazing and thought provoking experience and I'm so glad I was able to hear from you!

Thank you so much again for coming to speak to us and I would love to keep in touch with you!

All the best,


UC Berkeley



Hi Jessica,

I just wanted to write you letting you know how much I loved your presentation today in our class. I truly thought it was an amazing and thought provoking experience and I'm so glad I was able to hear from you!

Thank you so much again for coming to speak to us and I would love to keep in touch with you!

All the best,



UC Berkeley

Hey Jessica,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for coming into my Women Psychology class today to speak to us about your amazing journey and courage to finding your happiness. I feel that I have learned so much about the struggles that many individuals including yourself are faced with when deciding to make the decision to have a sex change. I want to say that I am amazed by your story and it truly shows how strong you are that you were able to go through more than most people do in a lifetime. You have my full support and respect and I hope for the best with your son Curtis and that soon you will be able to enjoy seeing and being apart of your child's life once again. I am planning on becoming an educator once I finish my time at Framingham State and I hope that I can take all that I learned today from you to support children who also may be struggling to find themselves. I also plan on hopefully becoming a child psychologist and I feel that your story has opened my eyes to so much about how even young children can be faced with such confusion and being so lost. I now hope that after hearing your story I will be able to help more children find themselves at a younger age and be happy with who they truly feel they are. Thank you again for such an amazing morning, I have already shared some of your story to my friends as well as my mother who were truly amazed by you. Your story was real and eye opening and anyone who hears it must be blown away by your courage and strength. 

Thank you,


Framingham State University

Hi Jessica,

My name is Jenna and I was in Professor Thomas' Sex and Society class at UCCS that you talked to last week. I just wanted to let you know that after hearing your story, I went home and told literally everyone about it. I told my boyfriend, parents, best friends, roommates, class mates... Everyone! The lecture you gave our class really intrigued me and caused me to see new perspectives. I really admired your blunt personality and openness. Overall, it was an amazing lecture that taught many great lessons, including lessons that we've discussed in our sociology class. I couldn't even imagine facing all of the struggles you have had to face and be able to talk about it in front of people. I am so glad you finally feel comfortable in your own skin and that you are where you want to be in life. Thank you for coming to our class and giving me a completely new perspective on life.



University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

Hello, Ms. Lynn.

My name is Lloyd and I am a student at Mississippi State University. Last night, I listened to your story. It was great and it kept me on the edge of my seat. Thank you for telling me your story and thank you for teaching me about the types of discrimination that people in the LGBT community face everyday. I wish you well.




Mississippi State University

Hello Jessica,

I absolutely adore you, I really appreciate you stopping by here at Mississippi State and telling your story with absolutely no filters, but that's what makes It genuine and relatable. You are a true definition of a STRONG survivor, regardless of what you have endured throughout your lifetime. I really enjoyed you! 

Thanks so much,


Mississippi State University

Dear Jessica, 

I'm sure you get a lot of emails all the time, so I'm not sure what the odds are of you seeing this. However, I felt so strongly during and after the talk today that I had no choice but to email you. (Just so you can potentially know who I am, I was one of the girls who talked to you at the end. I thanked you and went to shake your hand and you pulled me in for a hug).Immediately after I left the classroom this afternoon I texted the girl I'm talking to (hopefully my girlfriend one day) a very long paragraph about the talk you gave us today, how amazing and inspiring it was, and how much I enjoyed it. I also told her how big of an impact it had on me. Later tonight when I got home, I told my dad some of your story and he reacted in much the same way I did. After I finished telling him, something he said really struck me. He said, "sometimes people just come into your life for a reason, and they have a very strong impact on you." And that's exactly what happened to me today. Your story was so hard to hear, many parts of it broke my heart, but I couldn't be sad for long because the strength with which you spoke was contagious. You spoke with such poise, grace, and complete and utter strength. It was truly inspiring. I wish I could put into words how much you inspired me today. Humanity may have its many downfalls, and yes, we're continuing to make advances in the right direction, but it's people like YOU that make this world a better place. That make this (sometimes crappy) life world living in. 
It's incredible what you've gone through and how beautiful and strong you've come out of everything. To say it's inspiring and admirable would be the understatement of the year. It's even more amazing yet heartbreaking that you're still fighting. I can't even begin to imagine the pain that comes with having your youngest son ripped away from you. I almost started crying when you told us that today. I feel invested in your story and I really do want to know what happens, and how this all plays out. If there is some way to remain in contact with you, that would be amazing. 
Also, I wanted to get some more information about the MTV episode and the movie that is being made about you. I would love to be able to see both of them.Once again, thank you so much for coming into our class today to talk to us. I know you affected more people than just me, but if nothing else, know that you made the biggest impact on me this afternoon. I appreciate the time you dedicated to us today, and I appreciate your openness and honesty with us even more. It truly does mean the world to me. 
Have a great rest of your evening and if I don't hear from you, I wish you nothing but happiness and the best of luck with everything you do. I know you will go on to do some pretty amazing things. 


University of Delaware

Jessica, I can’t tell you enough how much I enjoyed listening to your story yesterday. I’ve never had the opportunity to hear a personal and detailed story about a transgender individual, and it was absoultely inspiring. You single handedly opened my eyes to so many things I never knew about the struggles you and other transgender people face throughout their lives. After sitting through your presentation, I really began to appreciate the life I have, and the little things that I always take for granted. I told my mom about who you are because she grew up in the San Fernando Valley as well, and by the time I finished telling her your story, she was in tears. Whether you know it or not, your life has impacted and continues to impact much more than just the transgender community. Thank you so much for coming to speak. Your story will carry on with me far longer than you can imagine.


UC Irvine



Thank you for allowing me to witness your presentation last week. In some small way, I will try to share with you the impact you had on me and the other attendees. From your speaking style to your welcoming warmth for each member of the audience, it was a wonderful and rare event.

My impression is that your presentation style is as a woman not encumbered by rigid social rules and dogma. While maintaining a professional demeanor, you express an openness and genuineness rarely seen in public speaking. It communicates to your audience that you are not afraid to address sensitive issues and actually invite comments and on topic questions.

You are not the stuffy, tight collared, pinstriped suit we have come to expect in a public speaker. In a rare way, you are able to present as feminine, open, intelligent and fun. You do not take yourself too seriously; you make fun of yourself on occasion, you are positive and uplifting in your approach to the subject.

Clearly you know your subject matter and speak at a pace that is not too fast and not too slow. You bring emotion into the presentation at the right times and address subjects most people have little or no experience discussing – using an honest, yet factual, humor.  I think for most of the audience it is a breath of fresh air, it was for me!

As an educator, professional speaker and performer for over 30 years, in a very different field, I wanted to share my observations of your presentation. If in some small way this helps further your outreach efforts, then I am pleased.

You are a refreshingly unique individual and a one heck of a performer. I am honored to be able to share this with you.  I wish you only the best on your journey.


University of Florida


Hi Jessica:

My name is Kat and I am a student in Dr. Hagen's Sociology of the Family class at UNC Chapel Hill.I wanted to take a moment to thank you for coming to speak with us on Tuesday. Your discussion was educational and enlightening (and extremely entertaining). Although I have several friends in the LGBTQ community & am bisexual myself, I have never had the opportunity to to met a transgender individual. I'm grateful that you were willing to open up & share your life experiances with us.Your story is truly touching and I feel so much sympathy for your current situation. I couldn't imagine having my children taken from me. It's truly remarkable that you have encountered so much bad luck and ugly people in your life and can still be so happy. It really puts life in perspective. I hope you know that you are a strong and beautiful woman; I wish you nothing, but the best in your future. Again, thank you.



University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

I wanted to say thank you again for coming to speak during Professor Martin Weinberg's class. Your story was really engaging and helped me better understand the struggle the trans community faces today.

The way you delivered your story was effective because it was obvious that you are really passionate about what you talked about. The moments of more "perverted" humor was totally fine by me and I think helped lighten the mood occasionally during what was a very emotional story. I also really appreciated how open you were to questions and that you explained in detail the surgical procedures you underwent. 

You've helped build my knowledge on gender issues and it's great that you've certainly done the same for so many others.


JT Stewart

Indiana University

Jessica’s guest lecture was one of the more awe-inspiring stories I’ve heard so far from others. I found it not only amazing that she would be able to stand up and travel around to share her message on such a close topic and her pains but also for making the story entertaining at times. She also did not tell the story to dwell on the negatives to get pity, which I find particularly strong. She is just an amazing speaker who knows how to keep the interest in the story, keep the humor and light hearted parts, but also connect emotionally to the audience. I admire her greatly and she left me in tears at some part. I’m very grateful to her for speaking her story.


UC Irvine

Hi Jessica,

I just wanted to shoot you a quick email and thank you for sharing your story tonight with us. I was very moved by your personal story and the organization you have started to spread the word for others. 

It definitely helped me to take a deeper look at my own life, and try to think more things through. Thank you very much for assisting in that process. There's still so many thing to think about, and questions to ponder but it's a start.

Thank you very much,


Clark University

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for coming to our class to share your beautiful story. It was raw! It made me laugh and cry and want to punch someone all at the same time! No one should have to suffer for letting themselves free. God made you perfect inside and he gave you the perfect doctors to match the outside (which looks amazing btw). I’m a true believer that love heals all. Your passion for the Trans community and people in general will heal hearts and build bridges throughout time. May God bless and protect you in all of your endeavors!


Brandman University

Today’s class was by far the most interesting class period I have ever had. I admire you for sharing your story and I hope that you get to see your son soon again. Keep it up because everyone needs to hear your story. Not only will it encourage other kids to come out with their true identities, it will also stop discrimination against minors in our society.




Ms. Lynn, it was a pleasure and an honor hearing your story today , the 21st of may 2015. Your presentation was honest, raw, and real, I appreciate and value what I have learned from your story, and your strength through everything is astounding. You are an amazing woman. Keep it up and I wish the best for you. ps. Im not short im fun sized! Hah Thank you.


Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Jessica’s lecture was amazing, and I was actually tuned in the whole entire time. Her struggles, although I can’t relate I do feel for her. It is sad frustrating what her ex-wife is putting her through, makes you wish you could do something about it. I really enjoyed how honest and raw she is, and most of all how committed she is to end the injustice and discrimination.


UC Irvine

I think I knew that going through something like a sex change was something that was difficult to deal with, but I had never heard a first person account of it before.  I think that by listening to this guest speaker, I took a new perspective on transgender people. Before, I think it was easy for me to think of it as something that happened but that didn’t really have any impact on me. While it still doesn’t have a direct impact on me, by listening to Jessica speak, I was given a sense of empathy towards her situation.   This presentation is definitely something that I will not forget.


UC Irvine

Jessica has gone through so much in her life. It is so inspirational to see someone stand tall and strong in front of all of us just to give us a little insight on how things are as an individual in the trans community. It really pains me to hear about the discrimination that she has had to face and it hurts even more knowing that her ex-wife would do something so atrocious. It seems that Jessica is being punished for finally being herself and I feel like that is the worst message to put out there in society. I hope one day, people won’t be afraid to be who they want to be. I am glad there are fighters like Jessica in this world.



UC Irvine

It was such an amazing story and it is worth being heard throughout the country. I hope her story becomes widespread so that people can be aware of the struggle she had to endure.


UC Irvine

I thought our guest speaker was extremely inspiring in the way she now leads her life. Jessica’s life truly had its extreme highs and extreme lows that I didn’t think could be possible, especially when it first came to Barbara’s death and leading to the Christmas Day revealing of her name being taken off her youngest son’s birth certificate. But I think what makes her inspiring is that despite her hardships, she’s still hopeful and she still has a fighting spirit because of her deep love for her children. Listening to her story made me more aware of how much society has changed, but how much our society still really needs to be educated in sexuality in order to accept it.


UC Irvine

I think it’s an amazing story, it’s a demonstration of courage to come out and challenge society views.  I think the guest speaker story is of great value to everyone, but especially to those who are in the situation she once was. Her story was not only inspiring but also entertaining.



UC Irvine

I just wanted to thank you for coming to our sociology class last Friday at Westmont. Thank you for being so open and honest with us. Personally, you opened my eyes to many things that I have never seriously thought about before. I don’t know what your expectations were coming to our small class at a Christian school, but I wanted you to know that your story was well received. Thank you for your honesty, openness and vulnerability, there is no better way to learn than to hear someone’s own personal story and your strength is inspiring.


Westmont College

I’m a student at Cal Poly andI really admire the courage it takes to tell your story over and over in order to help others potentially avoid the confusion and shame you expressed feeling while growing up. The presentation is extremely powerful and moving.


Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

I just wanted to let you know how amazing I think you are. You are such a powerful human being and you have really opened my mind and inspired me to be more accepting and available to others. Thank you for taking your time to speak to us today!


Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Jessica Lynn is simply inspiring. I was entranced by her story. It amazes me how much one can go through and still keep fighting. I thought it was ridiculous how the justice system worked in her case. Its sad to think we live in a society where it is ok to take a child away from his loving father simply because they didn’t agree with Jessica’s life choices. She is obviously a wonderful parent so she deserves to be a part of her sons’ lives as much, if not more, than their mother. I sincerely hope that one day she is reunited with her sons.


UC Irvine

Hi Jessica,

I wanted to take the chance to thank you for coming into our sociology class this morning and sharing your story.

Before coming to college, I lived a very sheltered life. There is very little diversity in my neighborhood. I have never known anyone that is transgender so hearing your presentation today opened my eyes to many social issues that I never knew existed. I am so impressed by your strength and determination. I cannot imagine having to fight for the custody of my child and then having them taken away from me. Your resilience is incredible and I hope the best for you in your professional and personal life.

Thank you for the inspiring experience.


Washington University

I certainly learned a lot from listening to Jessica talk about her life story. I presumed from reading textbooks that it was probably very difficult when dealing with some sort of self-identity crisis. But I didn’t realize the extent or the enormity of being in this constant psychological battle until Jessica came to talk to us. I didn’t realize the extent or extremity to which someone may try to forget this sense of conflict. For example, Jessica went through numerous obsession phases where she would collect stamps or play soccer (to the point where she was offered numerous scholarships and the opportunity to play in the Olympics). Another defense mechanism was the use of alcohol and drugs as a scapegoat to forgetting.  Another incredibly shocking realization was the obstacles that a transsexual may have to face. Jessica struggled to legally prove herself as a good parent to her children, despite the lack of evidence that proved otherwise. It was incredibly upsetting to hear that because of her sex change, she hasn’t able to see her son or maintain any communication. Overall, this lecture really gave me a better understanding of the stigmatization and obstacles that a transsexual faces. The struggles that a transsexual undergoes can be read in a person, but it doesn’t have as strong of an impact until you hear about it in a first person narrative. I am really grateful for having the chance to hear about Jessica’s story, it is definitely a lecture I will remember as compared to something that I may have read in a textbook.



UC Irvine

It’s nice to hear from guest speakers, to hear of their trials and tribulations. But often times, they are glorified and glamourized stories that unique and rare. Jessica’s story came across as genuine, natural and, for lack of a better word, normal. She isn’t an transwoman turned media mogul or LGBT icon. She is a genuine person who is letting the world see her for who she is.


UC Irvine

Jessica, Your life story is one of a kind. There have been many obstacles in your life. But, you continue to persevere and fight through the injustices in your path. Keep spreading your story because it will have a sincere impact on many.


Rutgers University

Ms. Lynn visited my sociology class at Cal Poly SLO, and I just wanted to comment on what a pleasure it was to hear her story. Jessica is funny, honest, and presented her story in a way that made it memorable. It’s always nice to be able to experience something genuine; I hope Jessica can reach her goals, and continue to make progress for transgenders.


Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

I was at your presentation at Cal Poly SLO and I just wanted to thank you for coming in and telling your story. Not only about the injustice and oppression within society, but it’s also remarkable that you’re educating the masses. Even in this “open-minded” generation, people tend to discredit or overlook the transgender community which needs to stop. Transphobia is not only big in society as a whole today, but even within the LGBT+ society which is where anyone falling under the (LGBT+) umbrella should feel safe and accepted. This thinking needs to change and the masses need to be educated so thank you for opening up that door (yes I know you’re not the only or first person to do that, but thank you anyway). I hope you’re story is heard and that change happens.


Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Hi Jessica! My name is Olivia. I was in the Sociology class which you just came and talked to this morning, May 6th. Your story was so inspirational and I am so grateful I was able to hear it. It really opened my eyes to how much judgement is still present in our world and I love that you are working to make your story known to make a difference in the progression towards more acceptance in our country. Thank you so much for sharing your story with my class this morning.



Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Hi Jessica! You did an amazing job sharing your story and experience with our Sociology class today. I, along with a good majority of the class, was completely awake and immersed in your presentation (not common for an 8am class I might add). I was incredibly shocked to hear about how repulsive some people are, especially in today’s society. It’s 2015…I thought that society was becoming more openminded and accepting of the LGBT community. I truly hope that your story will be heard across the nation, the world, and that you will be reunited with your youngest son as soon as possible. Thank you so much for taking the time to speak to us this morning. I will definitely be sharing your story with some of my friends who are struggling to discover who they truly are.



Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Jessica, I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to visit my class today. Not many people would be brave enough to share everything they have gone through. It is inspiring to see how hard you have fought to become who you want to be. Us in California are fortunate to live in a relatively progressive state that supports the LGBT community. Unfortunately, that is not true in all of America. However, I believe that with your efforts and the efforts of others, we can make America more tolerant and accepting. Good luck at your other visits to universities in the near future.


Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

My name is Sophia and I was in the audience this morning at your talk at the sociology class at Cal Poly. I just wanted to reach out to you to give my thanks. I was actually moved by your story. It is a shame that anyone would have to sort out an inner conflict while also getting heat from other people in their life (whether you knew them or not). From the story you told, you should know that I have a lot of respect for the bravery and selflessness that you have to have lived the life you have. At the same time as you have my respect, you have also given me hope for people to come out the other side of any struggle still so full of life. I wish you luck in spreading your story and seeing your son again.


Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Jessica, I was lucky enough to hear your story today at Cal Poly SLO in my sociology class and I wanted to let you know how amazing and strong I think you are as a person. It’s incredible how far you’ve come in your life and how much you have accomplished despite all of the hardships you’ve encountered. You are truly an inspiration to all, and I wanted to thank you for coming to share your story with us. I hope your persistence and patience brings your son back to you in some way, and I wish you the best of luck! Thanks again!


Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Dear Jessica, Let me just start off by saying I absolutely adored you and your courage to stand up in front of our class and present to us your story. I personally have a really good friend that lives a life where he was born a girl but believes to be of the male sex. And I am happy to say I am still his friend through his transition, no matter all the hate that is thrown at him. I apologize on behalf of the cruel things that have been thrown at you. Many people don’t realize that media and social norms convince them to hate the oppressed, and love the oppressors. By no means do I wish to say you are oppressed in any ways, but lets be honest, the government and legal things being thrown at you is screaming power for “normal” people and a huge fuck you to you because of who you are. They’re taking away your child because you don’t feel good with your penis! Like, excuse my french but fuck them!!! F*** the court for coming up with this final judgement, after all your times of winning. Hey, lets make Jessica ecstatic and then kill all her dreams with a big jk you’re dangerous all of a sudden! I know this may seem small, I am just a first year college student praising you on your strength and hating on your haters, but you are truly inspiring. I am a big advocate on equal rights. And I do wish this world weren’t so cruel in terms of calling you dangerous. By no means are you remotely dangerous because of your birth defect. I hate the fact that it took you so much courage to come out on all of this, and took a lot of courage to transition and you’re treated this way. It’s absolutely disgusting. I wish you the best of luck on getting your story cross. I really did love your presentation, thank you for sharing it. I am rooting for you, always.


Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Dear Jessica, Thank you so much for speaking to our class today. Your story inspired me in so many ways. I greatly look up to your courage in sharing such a tough story. I think it is so important for people, especially my generation, to hear real life stories like this. It really puts these issues closer to the heart compared to simply reading facts online. Keep doing what you are doing, it is truly influential and inspiring. Thank you.


Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Dear Jessica, Thank you so much for speaking for my Cross Cultural Psychology class at Napa Valley College provided by Richard Carr. My understanding of gender issues has grown exponentially as I had never really known much about the issue. Your compassion and honesty about your life is a gift I will always cherish and I will use as a model to help people accept the LBGTQ communities. Good luck with everything in the future! Thank you again.



Napa Valley College

Of all the guest speakers I have seen come in and out of lecture, I believe that was one of the most fascinating stories I have ever heard. It was truly inspiring to see how far she has come along in life. I do not understand the pain she has gone through in her life, but I could feel the emotion in the presentation. She has gone through a lot in life, still currently is, but it is amazing how strong of a person she is. Standing in front of all these strangers and telling us her story was beautiful. One of the most important things I got out of that was to never give up, never.


UC Irvine

Thank you so much for your presentation today. I really appreciate you sharing your story with us and being so honest. I loved that even though you have been through so much in your life you can still laugh and make the most of life. I loved your spirit and humor, you are truly inspirational! As for any suggestions for future presentations … I have none! keep spreading the word and educating  Thank you again. As felicia said, learning from someones personal experience is so much more impactful than reading from a book.


Cal Poly, Pomona

Thank you so much for coming to speak to us. Your talk gave me a lot more insight into the topic of transgenders, more than the simple facts I’ve been taught in school or simply read from textbooks. It was refreshing and really intriguing to hear from someone who has not only gone through a gender change, but the entire experience and setbacks you have had, yet you still remain strong. I really hope you continue to speak and share your story because I feel like it could benefit a lot of people, whether they’re experiencing a similar situation or if they’re looking to hear more about the social issues that you had to go through.

I hope to one day hear another one of your talks. It was extremely captivating. You are making such a big difference in society with just one simple talk. I wish you the best, especially in regaining the relationship with your son. Again, it was a pleasure to hear you speak, and I hope you continue to make the impact that you do.


Cal Poly Pomona

I wanted to post something just a little differently about our guest speaker. Jessica Lynn’s story, scratch that-life- is hands down the most inspirational, heartfelt story I have heard in person. While I was listening to her speak, it made me curious how it felt to be in her shoes growing and having to deal with all the hurt she felt all those years and how strong of a woman she has become to get where she is at today. Despite the fact that she has gone through many life’s battles and has overcome almost all of them except one, I am very curious for the future that beholds Jessica Lynn. If her son will ever know all that she has done just to have one conversation with him again. If he’ll still see her as the human being that cared for him all those years, did everything in her power to gain the rights of her own biological child. Once he turns 18 years old, will they reunite, or will the crazy ex-wife pull something again just to get back at Jessica. I hope the best for Jessica in the near future and hope that her and her son will one day restore their bond that was broken years ago.



UC Irvine

Hi Jessica, my name is Julianna and I am a Cal Poly student who herd you speak during my SOC 110 class. First of all, I would like to thank you on behalf of everyone for sharing your story. You are truly an incredible person and I’m sure your kids are very proud of you. Prior to hearing you talk, I knew little to nothing about the issues the transgender community faced. Going forward now with the knowledge I gained this past Monday, I feel more confident in my ability to promote awareness. The way our society oppresses groups like those of transgender disgusts me and in the year 2014, much like you said, it shouldn’t exist. Keep doing what you’re doing because you are doing a god damn good job.


Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

I just wanted to reach out and express to you how brave and inspirational I think your story is. Your honesty in everything that you shared with us today was so impressive. Everything that you’ve gone through is so unimaginable to me and to see how you haven’t let all your challenges break you and you are continuing to fight is so incredible and motivational. I am so sorry for all the injustice you have faced. You truly don’t deserve all the hardship you’ve endured. I wish you all the best. You have an incredible spirit and will.


Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

I certainly learned a lot from listening to Jessica talk about her life story. I presumed from reading textbooks that it was probably very difficult when dealing with some sort of self-identity crisis. But I didn’t realize the extent or the enormity of being in this constant psychological battle until Jessica came to talk to us. I didn’t realize the extent or extremity to which someone may try to forget this sense of conflict. For example, Jessica went through numerous obsession phases where she would collect stamps or play soccer (to the point where she was offered numerous scholarships and the opportunity to play in the Olympics). Another defense mechanism was the use of alcohol and drugs as a scapegoat to forgetting.  Another incredibly shocking realization was the obstacles that a transsexual may have to face. Jessica struggled to legally prove herself as a good parent to her children, despite the lack of evidence that proved otherwise. It was incredibly upsetting to hear that because of her sex change, she hasn’t able to see her son or maintain any communication. Overall, this lecture really gave me a better understanding of the stigmatization and obstacles that a transsexual faces. The struggles that a transsexual undergoes can be read in a person, but it doesn’t have as strong of an impact until you hear about it in a first person narrative. I am really grateful for having the chance to hear about Jessica’s story, it is definitely a lecture I will remember as compared to something that I may have read in a textbook.



UC Irvine

Thank you for sharing your message and your story. It was extremely insightful, interesting, and educational. It was nice to be able to develop an understanding for the hardships of those apart of the LGBTQ society, and I hope you can help influence society to help create a better life for those who are struggling in that community. I think that your speech was really great and informative and I’m glad that you are speaking on behalf of a community so unrepresented in societies culture.


Ventura College

Hello Jessica! I listened to your presentation this morning at Cal Poly, and I was very enlightened and inspired. This wasn’t something I never before had any encounters with, so I didn’t know how I was going to react at the beginning of your story. But now I’m inspired to not only be a lot more genuine and caring with transgenders or anyone who feels different or out of place. I was very touched by all of the effort you put in to deal with that disrespectful court in Texas just to get custody of your son. It really got to me. Thank you for your lessons. You have a supporter in me, and I will definitely do my part to support your cause!


Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Hi Jessica! I am a current student at Cal Poly SLO and after listening to your talk in my sociology class, I have a different outlook on the trans community. Coming from a Christian/Catholic family and going to small private schools my whole life I have never really heard anyone’s story regarding their journey of transitioning or what it’s really like to feel uncomfortable with the body you were born with. You are such an inspiration to all, and I was truly captivated by your talk. You are such a great speaker and I am so happy that you are living life how you feel like you were meant to. I thought it was amazing about how your Christian psychologist came off as judgemental, and ended up realizing that you are an amazing parent no matter what gender. As a Christian, your talk has made me reinstill love, kindness, and acceptance towards everyone, no matter what.


Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

It was such an amazing story and it is worth being heard throughout the country. I hope her story becomes widespread so that people can be aware of the struggle she had to endure.


UC Irvine

In my opinion, I really think that this is one of the most inspiring speech that I had ever heard. As from Taiwan, I don’t think people are really open about trans topic just because of our culture. This is my first time in life, seeing and hearing a story of a trans*. I really like her and I hope she can meet her youngest kid as soon as possible!


UC Irvine

I would like to first thank you for speaking at Cal Poly earlier today. It was truly fascinating the whole way through and your personality is absolutely incredible! I was so happy to hear your story in such depth today. It was a pleasure to be able to hear about such a different point of view and different life. After hearing your speech, I feel as if I’ve become much more accepting of people’s beliefs and life choices. I try to be accepting of people’s sexual preferences, but being able to hear a first hand account of the struggles of growing up wanting to be of the opposite gender was enlightening. I feel like I have a much deeper understanding about transgenders and how difficult their lives must be. Not only that, but the fact that they’re human beings too just like anyone else. I think that hearing your story today made me a lot more compassionate and empathetic towards transgenders and the LGBTQ community. Again, I would love to thank you for speaking today. You are such an amazing and strong woman. I hope that you are able to bring more attention and empathy to the LGBTQ community. I would like to wish you the best in your fight to see your youngest son. It’s nice to know that you didn’t just let this go and are fighting for your rights and so many others out there.


Cal Poly San Luis Obispo


I just wanted to thank you again for coming to Westmont to speak to our class today. I am moved and deeply touched by your story. I have also experienced loss of a child, and I know that it is the worst kind of hell that exists. I was so inspired by your strength and resilience, as well as your ability to be such an amazing parent in the midst of so many challenges. I just wanted to encourage you by saying that your courage and willingness to be transparent are making a significant and positive impact everywhere you go. 

I can't imagine being in your shoes (or, I should say, your cute heels!). You are a positively radiant woman, and your voice speaks for so many. I love and admire your heart. I hope to see you again here soon!

Grace and peace,

Ashley C. 

Westmont College