"I've had a lot of speakers in my educational history but Jessica you have been absolutely unforgettable. You surely will be so memorable to me not only in the person you are and how have you've carried yourself, but from a writing major, what a phenomenal storyteller you are. I wish you nothing short of the world."

"Education is the most powerful weapon we can

use to change the world"

-Nelson Mandela




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Jessica Lynn is a world-renowned transgender advocate, educator, and activist. Her experiences as a transgender woman and parent led her to dedicate her life to spreading awareness and acceptance for gender non-conforming communities around the world. Jessica is internationally considered one of the foremost transgender speakers due to her dynamic, refreshingly honest speaking style, unique sense of humour and signature "ask-me-anything" Q&A sessions. Over the last several years, Jessica has traveled over a million miles, visiting 28 different countries, presenting over a thousand times, helping to educate the general public about the transgender community…and she isn’t finished yet.


Already a Stonewall School Role Model and a speaker to the medical community by request of the National Health Service, England, Jessica has been appointed to an advisory position on a project aimed towards improving health services for gender diverse youth and their families throughout the UK by both the University of Oxford and the National Institute for Health Research. She also continues serving as a Kinsey Institute Global Ambassador at Indiana University, and, after spending a great amount of time speaking in the UK (and for her love of pastry pies and fish & chips), Jessica has recently relocated to Birmingham from her birthplace of California.


Over these past years, Jessica has had the privilege of helping to educate tens of thousands of people about the many identities throughout the gender spectrum. She has also been working with teachers, professors, nurses, doctors, business leaders, and many others to help further the understanding of gender non-conforming communities. Jessica has collaborated with her colleagues from the University of Oxford, Kinsey Institute, Michigan State University, plus many others, in order to develop training and educational programs for the business and medical communities. These training programs and courses are structured to educate and give a better understanding of the history of transgender communities; social and political impacts; challenging unconscious bias; working towards non-prejudicial and anti-discriminatory practices.


UK:  235 Eachelhurst RD. Sutton Coldfield B76 1DT

US:  P.O. Box 1001 Pismo Beach CA 93455 

Tel: 07563414581 (UK)   805 904-5022 (US)

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