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2020 was on schedule to be my busiest year yet, as I had bookings for workshops with the NHS across England, a good number of Gender Conference Keynotes, and with universities across the globe. Many in countries I have not yet visited. As of March 2020, my speaking tour came to a complete halt as Covid-19 shut down the world.

As we all thought across the world, things would start to get better and I would be able to get back on the road to continue my speaking tour. Because things got worse, we decided to continue the education through online presentations, via Zoom, Microsoft, etc.


To give the best presentations as possible, we purchased some new computers, monitors and a fantastic camera to be able to make it feel as if I was in the room in front of the audience members. My online presentations and workshops have been extremely well received as they are very versatile and I can present with different parts of the world without any travel.

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